What is Kacmun? And How Does It Work

What is Kacmun? And How Does It Work | Ultimate Guide

Kacmun is one of the largest and most prestigious high school model United Nations (MUN) conferences held annually in the Asia region. Hosted by KAC School, it has grown to become a flagship MUN event anticipated by students across multiple countries. In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything there is to know about Kacmun - what it is, its history and significance, structure, awards, and tips to prepare for it.

Overview of Kacmun

Kacmun or KAC Model United Nations is an annual 3-day conference held in March in Seoul, South Korea. Run entirely by the KAC student team, it simulates the United Nations and its operations. Students role play as delegates of UN member countries and debate a range of global issues.

Kacmun started in 2011 with only 30 delegates but now involves 1000+ delegates from 100+ schools in Korea, China, India and other parts of Asia. Kacmun is split into two concurrent conferences based on experience level:

  • Kacmun Senior for advanced high school students
  • Kacmun Junior for middle school students

Kacmun gives students invaluable exposure to diplomacy, geopolitics and public speaking. For many international schools in Asia, preparing for Kacmun is the highlight of the MUN calendar.

Significance and Focus of Kacmun

There are four key reasons why Kacmun has become so significant:

  • Prestige: Kacmun is regarded as a world-class conference on par with top MUN events in the USA or Europe. Being selected as a delegate is a big achievement.
  • Competition: The conference is intensely competitive with only 180 delegate spots per committee. Students have to go through rigorous tryouts and preparation to succeed at Kacmun.
  • Global issues: Committees and agenda focus on real-world issues like economic crises, terrorism, human rights, and diplomacy. The substantive nature of debate stands out.
  • Exposure: For Asian schools, Kacmun provides an opportunity to compete against the best talent from the region and build connections. Many see it as a stepping stone to global MUN conferences.

The prestige and challenge make Kacmun a must-attend event for ambitious MUNers in Asia seeking quality experience.

Committees and Awards at Kacmun

Kacmun features a wide range of UN committees and simulated bodies that delegates can represent. Some notable ones are:

  • United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
  • United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)
  • Historical Crisis Councils like League of Nations
  • Non-UN bodies like Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • Specialized agencies like World Health Organization (WHO)

Delegates compete for a range of individual and team awards at Kacmun like Best Delegate, High Commendation, Best Position Paper, etc. The top prize is the Best Large Delegation award going to the school with the most collective individual awards. Competition for this is intense.

Preparing and Succeeding at Kacmun

Here are some key tips for students to maximize their success at Kacmun:

  • Research extensively - Have in-depth knowledge of your country's policies and stance on the agenda issues.
  • Practice public speaking - Work on speech clarity, structure, persuasiveness, and quick thinking ability through practice sessions.
  • Draft quality position papers - These pre-conference papers demonstrating your research and position are key to winning awards.
  • Build team strategy - Coordinate with your school teammates on how to best support each other's success during debates.
  • Get feedback from moderators - Take advice from Kacmun instructors and previous delegates on improving your skills.

With rigorous preparation, students can stand out at Kacmun and use the experience as a stepping stone to future leadership roles.


Kacmun has established itself as one of the most prestigious Model UN conferences for high school students in Asia. Winning recognition at this intensely competitive event signals a student's excellence in research, oratory, diplomacy, and leadership potential. The experience gained is invaluable for building confidence and global perspectives. For schools and students seeking the pinnacle of MUN achievement, succeeding at Kacmun is the gold standard.