VIP Desert Safari Dubai |Complete Guide for Luxury Lovers


Experience the most unique traveling experience of a lifetime in a classy style as that of  Dubai residents. The private VIP desert safari package is specially made for people who prefer luxuries everywhere. The VIP tour is also a great decree to celebrate holidays privately, surprise birthday parties, anniversaries, and grand functions that are also arranged in a fully-fledged amenity in desert safari Dubai. Create not only unforgettable travel memories but also make your special days more triumphant in the midst of the sand sea. Live an enduring adventurous tale for a countable time in a private desert safari tour. 

Explore how you can stay in a nomadic land without leaving behind the lavish lifestyle of Dubai city.

Top Luxuries Offered in a VIP Desert Safari Dubai Tour

1.Private Pick and Drop in a 4WD

VIP desert safari tours are available every day between 2  to 3 pm and start by picking you up from your doorstep in a luxurious vehicle such as a land cruiser, dropping you straight to the campsite where the mesmerizing first glimpses are ready to settle in your memory. A private desert safari tour lasts usually for 6 hours usually with a similar comfortable drop-off.

2. Luxurious Camp 

Spend 6 hours of exotic fun with all the lavish vibe you want to follow in a folk Arabian style. You’ll get to rest in the VIP private Arabian camp which is installed upon inspiration from the ancient Bedouin lifestyle yet filled with modern luxuries. You’ll fall in awe upon being escorted to the homey and cozy camps loaded with comfortable pillows, contrasting regal carpets, and curtains, and upon having a delicious meal over the wooden plank embellished in traditional style.

A VIP desert safari tour brings a bigshot treatment along by taking you to the Majlis seatings where you get a chance to have an insight into the Shaikh’s lifestyle. Smoke the flavorful hubble-bubble inside the chilled bedouin camps while taking the extravagance perks of Dubai’s VIP lifestyle in the grand Arab majlis of glorifying ambiance.

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3. 30 minutes of ATV Quad biking

Experience the most thrilling time ever after getting your hands on an ATV quad bike that is loaded with safety kits and supervised by the trained professionals. The 30 to 45 minutes of quad biking adventure over the downturns of grainy ground sets you on the next level of a fiery vibe. Explore safari in the quad bike which is the SUV with broad tires and light body, subjected you lighter and safer over the dense layers of the sand. The thirty minutes of quad biking seem like never-ending fun at desert safari Dubai.

4. 40 minutes of Dune Bashing 

Roll over the high Arabian sand dunes in dune bashing vehicles driven by the expert drivers which last for 30 to 40 minutes in a VIP private tour at. Dune bashing is the ultimate perk of joy for adrenaline junkies and if you are the one on a private your, then this place is heaven for you! Scream your heart out while bashing in the roller coaster of sand surface in the luxurious Toyota Landcruiser. Also, you can book a private dune bashing vehicle to take advantage of being on a private safari trip to a hype! 

5. Sandboarding 

Sandboarding is free on a private VIP desert safari Dubai tour. Surfing on the smooth sandy surface while your arms wide opened embracing the welcoming air of the desert is pretty joyous to people who love to try amusing activities. Sandboarding is the kids’ favorite sand activity for which they are properly instructed and experience sand surfing under adult supervision.

6. Camel Ride

A camel’s ride clicks in an instant whenever we hear the word desert. Wander over the camel’s hump and discover the farthest edges of desert safari Dubai. Discover why camels were the ultimate goals of ancient Arabs. Camel ride is the royal means of carriage which symbolizes the Arabian heritage. 

7. Costume Photoshoot and Henna printing

Desert safari Dubai is a lace of non-stop entertainment for high-spirited souls. Give yourself a treat full of Arabian culture by having beautiful henna imprints on your hands and feet and by the colorful Arabian costume photoshoots, ensembling in the captivating fashion of Arabs from tip to toe.

8. Compelling Live Shows

Enjoy the legit blast in the Bedouin camp when belly dancers hit the stage to entertain you. The fire show performed by skilled stuntmen leaves the audience astonished, their sensational fire stunts light up the deserted land in thrill. Enjoy the Egyptian folk Tanoura dance by Sufi mystics, when they spin, they spread magic all over. The artists perform belly dance in attractive Arabian outfits which happens to be a height of entertainment for the tourists from different races of the world. 

9. Tempting Eatery 

Quench your thirst by refreshing drinks along with plenty of availability of water. The drinks you can get to enjoy there are Arabian coffee, different kinds of tea, and refreshing soft drinks. Munch till your taste buds please, out of a variety of Arabian and international cuisines set in the buffet along with starters. Choose among your favorite Veg and Non-Veg food items from coleslaw to soup and from roasted meat to lentils, everything is there to satisfy your craving for a delicious meal, served straight to your VIP table. 

10. Chance to Capture the Sunset 

Capture the mesmerizing sunset which can be seen nowhere else but in the Dubai desert safari. This reserve of the UAE is a stunning frameset from every edge to click and celebrate your presence in the midst of the sand sea. Witness reddening colors of the sky drawing the rich Arabian sand to in the hues of tranquility.


From taking a ride in an air-conditioned private land cruiser straight to the desert safari to spending a stupefying time in the personalized Bedouin camps, a VIP desert safari unwinds the exceptional pleasure of living city-like luxuries for you even in the nomadic place. That’s the beauty of being in the Emirati state -Dubai. 



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