Travelling- it leaves you speechless and then it turns you into a storyteller. - Ibn Batuta

And Norway is the perfect place to begin your travel adventure. When you have beauty and adventure on your mind then, then you must visit Norway. It is the perfect stop for nature lovers and adventure seekers. From excellent travel destinations to sightseeing places, you can find everything in Norway. From northern lights to the midnight sun there are excellent travel destinations in Norway that are fun-filled and full of adventure. The mountains, the fresh breeze, and the beautiful landscapes make it a perfect place for all adventure seekers. 

The right time to visit Norway- Norway is one of the best places for tourists. When you plan to visit Norway there are a lot of destinations that you can go to. It is best advised that you visit Norway in the months of June and August. These are the summer months and you can enjoy a lot of activities when you visit Norway during this time. The weather is nice and because of this, all the tourist destinations are full. The temperature is around 20ºc which is neither too warm nor too hot. This is the best time when you can go hiking, swimming, lounging and do many other activities. 

Apart from the summer months, you can also visit Norway during the wintertime. Winters in Norway are cold. If you visit Norway in winters you will experience a lot of snow and extremely cold weather. While the days are shorter and the temperature drops below 0ºc the benefit of visiting Norway in the off-seasons is that you can get cheaper accommodation and travel. This is the prime time to see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. While in winters you might not see the midnight sun but you can do a lot of skiing and explore the beauty of snow over the mountains.

Top places in Norway that you must see- 

Tromso: Popularly known as the Paris of the north, Tromso is one of the most beautiful destinations of Norway. It is the largest city in Northern Norway which is popular for the wooden houses that were built there in the 18th century. This is the place where you can watch the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights and also experience the midnight sun in the summers. Tromso makes up for the perfect destination as every corner of it looks like art. While the summers don’t last long in Tromso, you can explore Tromso in the winters. It is known as the Gateway to the Arctic in the winters. It has the best natural surroundings and you can do many activities like whale watching, crab fishing, dog sledding and a lot more. 

Lofoten and Vesterålen: Lofoten is a combination of valleys and Fjords. While Lofoten is known for its scenic beauty, open seas, and western bays. It is the best place to visit in winter. Vesteralen translates to the west strait. The name describes the location of the place which is the Seaway west to the Island Hinnoya. You can do a lot of activities in this city from hiking to exploring the places to much more. There are a number of activities that you would not want to miss out on when you visit Lofoten and Vesteralen. You can do sea fishing, cycle camping, horse riding, sightseeing and a lot more. In the summertime, the weather in Lofoten and Vesteralen is perfect for experiencing the beauty of this place. When you visit Lofoten and Vesteralen in the winters you can experience cod fishing under the northern lights.

Bergen: If you want to explore the Norwegian culture and the taste of mouth-watering cuisines of Norweigan street food then you must visit Bergen. It is the hub for tasty cuisines and tasty food. In the streets of Bergen, you can discover a lot about the culture and history of the city. There are many adventure sports that you can indulge in and enjoy the best time of your life. Bergen is surrounded by fjords and mountains from all sides and you can enjoy hiking here too. The city is surrounded by colorful houses from all around and you can explore stalls and have a look at the scenic beauty of this place from close. 

Helgeland: It is one of the perfect destinations for adventure sports and sightseeing. The scenic beauty of this place is exceptional. You can explore a lot of spaces when you visit Helgeland. You can view the Rock formation called Torghatten or visit the Seven Sisters and explore the beauty of these tall mountains. If you are an adventure seeker then you can also try kayaking and hiking here. In Helgeland, there are many museums and national parks that you can visit. When you are in Helgeland you can do rafting, fishing, climbing the zipline and a lot more. 

Svalbard: It lies between the North pole and Northern Norway. Due to being situated on high altitudes, it is one of the places with spine chilling cold. The summer temperatures in this place range from 4 to 7 degrees Celsius and during the winters, the temperatures can fall even lower. You can visit Svalbard and experience the beauty of snow and wildlife at its best. If you have a knack for adventure then you can visit Svalbard in any weather. While you get to see the midnight sun in the summers, the winters are dark and cold. The 24-hour darkness of the winters is the perfect time to spot the Northern Lights. In Svalbard, you can do so many activities like hiking, dog sledding, ATV safari, and a lot more. You can take a taxi and go around this place. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that you can experience when you visit Norway.

How to travel around in Norway?

Public transportation: Public transportation in Norway is the best thing that you can opt for if you want to closely explore the cities of Norway. Public transport is cheap, cost-effective, and clean. It is very easy to find buses and trams in Norway and when you visit Oslo you can also take the metro. While the single bus tickets are valid for about an hour, you can get a 7-day metro pass for yourself at an affordable price too. 

Buses: Buses and trams are the best way to commute between cities that are close. Busses in Norway are cheap and the best option for tourists but if you want to visit faraway cities then you can prefer trains instead. Netbus is a common bus service that runs locally in Norway.

Trains: The trains in Norway are speedy and if you want to travel long distances then you must try the trains. They will save your time, money and they are much more comfortable for travelers too. In case you want to travel by train then you will have to make the bookings in advance.

Flying: When you plan to visit different cities in Norway, you can opt for flights as well. Flights make up the best option for foreign travelers who want to explore Norway in a short time span. Flights are not cheap but they are reasonable and they will allow you to travel from one city to another without taking much time. For example, you can reach from Oslo to Stavanger in an hour when you take a flight. Norweigan air is a commonly run flight that you can book when you wish to travel through different cities. You can also apply an Ixigo coupon code to your shopping to make it more cost-efficient.

Car Rentals and Ride-sharing: Whenever you want to explore Norway by road then you can rent a car for yourself. It can be costly plus you have to pay additionally for the fuel but this can be the best way of exploring Norway by road and experiencing the scenic beauty of it. While Uber does not work in Norway anymore, there are different applications that you can use if you want to do sightseeing via carpooling or ride-sharing. You can install applications like BlaBlaCar and explore the cities with ease.

All about the Norway Travel costs:

Accommodation: You can easily find cheap accommodation for yourself in Norway. When traveling in Norway you can book dorms, private rooms and visit hotels as well. While a dorm might cost you around 200-300NOK for one night, a hotel booking might be costlier. While budget hotels are hard to find in Norway you can easily book a 3-star place for yourself which comes for around 900-1200NOK per night. You can also find sharing rooms in Norway as well. You can book shared rooms from online platforms like Airbnb. The best thing about Norway is that it allows camping anywhere in the country unless it is cultivated late. You can also find various campgrounds where you can spend a night for only 150-200 NOK. If you want to grab a discount on your purchases then you can look for the latest Goomo coupons to make your buy affordable.

Food and Free activities in Norway: Most of the food in Norway is imported; thus, you can expect that food in Norway is extremely costly. While street food does not cost much, because you can easily get anything from a hot dog to a sandwich for about 30 NOK but any decent meal will cost you double for sure. There are several free activities that you can do in Norway. You can visit tons of national parks, go on walking tours and carry out trails with ease.


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