Travel guide to enjoying Madikeri, Coorg with your family

Coorg, locally called Kodagu district is located in Karnataka and is among the most visited tourist places in Southern India. This place is well-known for its diverse, rich flora & fauna, coffee plantations, ancient temples, and other interesting activities. One such place in the Coorg district is a town named Madikeri that needs to be known about, especially if you plan to spend some peaceful time with your family. To many outsiders, Madikeri or Coorg are regarded as synonyms. You may hear someone saying that he/she is visiting Coorg this holiday. However, in reality, they will be visiting Madikeri town. You can consider booking your accommodation in advance at evolve back coorg to surprise your family. 

Visiting Madikeri, Coorg

This small hill station is located in the middle of the Western Ghats and known for its lush coffee plantations. This region supplies coffee to the rest of the country and the world. You can grab your favorite beverage at any roadside stall or restaurant here the form of filter coffee. This region also boasts of having a unique culture offering diverse cuisines, festivals, dressing and an endangered language. For most residents of Mysore, Bangalore and nearby areas Coorg is a favourite family holiday spot. 

Its history

Natives of this region had once migrated from India’s northern parts during the second century. But Coorg’s history was documented formally only in the 17th century during the Haleri dynasty. This dynasty had witnessed numerous clashes in the following couple of centuries with the Mysore king including power struggle and internal family conflicts. Coorg state was annexed by the British in April 1834. Since then, it was part of British colonial India until 1947. After independence, it merged into the Mysore state and became a district and later part of Karnataka state. 

Madikeri, Coorg location

This town\ is located in Karnataka’s south-central part, bordering Kerala state. From Bangalore, it is about 250 kilometers away and from Mangalore and Mysore by about 140 kilometers. It is situated at an elevation of about 3,773 ft. or 1,150m. 

Best time to make the trip to Madikeri, Coorg

The Winter season, between the months of October and February, is perhaps the best time to visit this place. You can experience relatively pleasant days and cold nights. Temperatures might drop to about 14 degrees Celsius. During this time, the skies remain clear while rainfall is not commonly experienced. Do remember to take along additional clothing for warmth. 

You can also enjoy visiting during the monsoon seasons between July and September. The forests here seem to come alive turning to crazy green shades. Temperature is also kept in check. But excessive rains might lead to canceling all outdoor plans. You are likely to be disappointed if you love adventure sports and trekking. So plan properly your trip in advance. 

The summer season is scorching hot in South India. However, the temperature in Madikeri, Coorg is surprisingly low due to the lush forests around and high altitude location. It does experience a good number of tourists even at this time of the year. Do remember to book an AC room to enjoy a comfortable sleep at night time. 

The festive season in Madikeri, Coorg

One important festival that is celebrated here with pomp and grandeur is Shivarathri. The town manages to attract local visitors from nearby areas. Hotels during this festival period remain full. So, book at least a couple of months in advance if you want to experience the festival season here. 

Another festival welcoming harvests and the first rains are ‘Karaga’. Men and women wearing traditional costumes dance and carry out street processions. It is indeed a visual treat. 

What local cuisines are available in Coorg?

Coorgi food is awesome, especially with several spice gardens cultivated in this region. There are several small restaurants that offer a wide range of fresh, delicious, hygienic local cuisines to choose from. Do remember to order filter coffee. It is something special to drink this beverage here. 

Breakfasts served here are also unique. Most dishes are prepared from rice, both salty and sweet. You can visit the market and breakfast from the local stalls or restaurants. You are sure to find something different to taste every day. 

You should also have fruit wine. Several wine shops can be noticed here selling locally made fruit wines prepared from fruits such as gooseberries, pineapple, apples, grapes, etc. 

How to travel around & explore Coorg?

Coorg does not have much developed public transport. So visit major and remote tourist attractions, you have to choose from several available transport options if you want to explore the town without spending a fortune. Some options here are as follows:

  • Auto-rickshaw: You can hail an auto-rickshaw to undertake a single journey similar to any other South Indian town. But the rates charged are not fixed. Hence, it will be wise to know in advance. Tourists are generally overcharged due to a lack of knowledge of the rates. To be on the safe side and to ensure the safety of your family, you can book your auto from your hotel’s help desk. You can also request the driver for a full-day or half-day tour depending on your budget and specific needs. Usually, drivers display a friendly attitude towards tourists as they understand the importance of tourism development in the region. Fix a price with the driver before you enter the auto to explore the town. You will have peace of mind and satisfaction. Also, decide in advance the places to visit. If you can spend more, then you can hire day rental taxis. They are fast and will allow you to explore more places easily. 

  • Foot: Madikeri is considered to be a very small town. You can plan to book your accommodation in the city center. This way, you can walk easily to most tourist attractions and not waste time, money on transport. The cool weather experienced by this region will allow you to walk miles without getting tired. A better option will be to book your hotel in MG Road or Madikeri Bus Station. 

How you enjoy your trip to Madikeri, Coorg depends on your accommodation. For a grander experience, choose to evolve back Coorg!


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