List of Top 10 Ghats In Varanasi

The Ghats in Varanasi are huge attractions for tourists. There are 88 ghats in Varanasi. The ghat s are the riverfront steps leading to the Ganga river. They are mostly in demand by visitors because of the boat rides through the Ganges. Most of these are for puja and site seeing while Manikarnika and Harishchandra Ghats are used only for cremation purposes. Most of these ghats were reconstructed by the Marathas.

Following are the list of some of the main ghats in Varanasi:


1. Assi ghat: This ghat is famous for boat riding and its connection to the main city. This river also leads to the famous Banaras Hindu University.


2. Dashashwamedh Ghat: This ghat is famous for its mythological connection. Pujas are conducted every evening by the priests of Varanasi.


3. Raj Ghat: This ghat is the most famous and known ghat of Varanasi. It is close to the Kashi railway station and it is easily accessible. Parking facilities are also available here while easy for differently-abled people. The Famous Ravidas temple is also located here.


4. Lalita Ghat: It has been built by a Nepali King. The wooden Keshav temple here has been made of wood and was built in Kathmandu style. Many photographers come here to click awesome pictures.


5. Maan Mandir Ghat: This was built by Maharaja Jai Singh. It is a beautiful ghat that has its aesthetic value. It was built almost 400 years ago.


6. Scindia Ghat: It is given the name due to its builders who were the Scindias. It has a Shiva temple that is submerged in water. Many devotees and visitors come here to visit the temple.


7. Tathagat Ghat or Buddha Ghat: This ghat has been built for Gautam Buddha. It is situated near Sarnath and has huge importance for Buddhist people. It is believed that Buddha gave his first sermon here. 


8. Bachraj Ghat: This ghat is also known as the Jain ghat. This ghat is not only beautiful but has religious importance too. The Jain devotees come here to do puja. It was built by the Jain Kings. There are three famous Jain temples located at this ghat.


9. Manikarnika Ghat: This ghat is used exclusively for cremation purpose. Local people come here for the funeral. This is considered one of the holiest places for the funeral purpose. The word ‘ ‘Mani’ means gen and ‘karnika’ means ear, which is a gem of the ear. This place was given the name after a mythological belief that the earring of sati fell here when Shiva was carrying her to the Himalayas. 


10. Darbhanga Ghat: This is a very beautiful ghat that attracts a majority of artists and photo enthusiasts. The famous Brijrama Palace is also located here which is one of the oldest palaces of Varanasi. It is now a heritage hotel which attracts a lot of foreigners.


There are other ghats in Varanasi that have their importance. The main beauty of these ghats is that they are followed by one another like a series. The other ghats in Varanasi include Lassi Ghat, Rewa Ghat, Tulsi Ghat, Bhadaini Ghat, Janaki Ghat, Mata Anandamai, Bajirao Ghat, Bhonsle Ghat, Khirji Ghat, Vaccharaja Ghat, Chauki Ghat, Narad ghat, Mansarovar ghat, Badri Nayarana Ghat, Vijayanagaram Ghat, Sitala Ghat and Brahma Ghat.


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