Know Some Considerable Points Before Applying For Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Australia is a great place to earn social independence. Studying here can be a fruitful choice if one is aware of all the opportunities available. Are you opting for Adelaide? Hold a minute before you connect to a migration agent Adelaide. Let’s learn about visa 485 to know it better. Once you are aware of the visa and the considerable points associated with it, it would be easier for you to apply for it.

What is the Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485?

The Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 grants applicants to work, study and live in Australia after graduation. It is categorized into two streams and the residing duration of an applicant will depend on the choice of stream. Let’s discuss the streams at length;

  • The Graduate Work Stream – This visa stream applies to students who have completed graduation with qualifications that match relevant Australian occupational requirements. The stay duration under this visa is generally up to 18 months. Under this, you are allowed to work, study and reside temporarily. You are also allowed to bring in your family member as a declared dependant. The processing time usually ranges from 8-12 months.
  • The Post- Study Work Stream - This visa stream applies to students who have completed graduation with a degree from a recognised Australian institute. The stay duration under this visa ranges from 2 to 4 years depending on the applicant's qualifications. It allows you to reside, study and work in Australia for a temporary period. You may also bring in a family member to stay with you. The processing time for this stream of visa takes up to 6-7 months.

Applicants may also apply for a second Post-Study Work visa. This visa lets on an additional 1-2 years for temporary residence, study and work. The applicant can bring in their family member as well. The stay duration, although, depends on two factors;

  • The regional area of the university an applicant graduated from which allowed access to his/her first Temporary Graduate Visa.
  • The regional area of residence while holding the first Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

Hong Kong Student Visa Conditions 

Australia and Hong Kong have shared an amicable relationship for long. In the light of such cordial relations, Hong Kong students have been granted special privileges. This arrangement allows for continued studying, working and living in Australia. Thus, a Hong Kong student applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia is permitted:

  • A stay of five years upon completing graduation with potential access to permanent residency after five years.
  • An extended five-year stay while on a temporary graduate visa irrespective of the duration already expended on the visa. It also allows for a potential road to permanent residency access.
  • Continued scope of access to a permanent residency after three years of completing study in a regional campus

What are the eligibility requirements of subclass 485?

The Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485 is granted to applicants depending on a few eligibility factors. The eligibility criteria mentioned are:

  • Applicants must be aged less than 50
  • They must be in Australia which applying for the visa
  • Applicants must opt for a course that is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
  • Those lodging the visa application should choose to study a course that lasts a minimum of 2 years
  • The candidate applying must be skilled as per the Australian Skilled Occupation List
  • Applicants must hold health insurance for the entire stay duration in Australia
  • They need to undertake relevant English language test and qualify as competent
  • Applicants must meet character requirements as per Australian Federal Police regulations before applying for the visa

Why choose the Temporary Graduate Visa?

The Temporary Graduate Visa is a beneficial visa option for international students seeking to travel, work and study in Australia. Let’s explore the advantages of opting for a subclass 485;

  • One can work for as many hours as they wish to unlike other student visas that have work restrictions
  • You can access permanent residency in Australia
  • The applicants can bring in family members as dependants to stay with them in Australia
  • The dependants are also eligible to work while on the visa

Post Covid-19 Visa Updates

As of 2021, a few updates have been announced so far regarding the graduate visa 485. The Home Affairs Department of Australia has declared a new plan for international students who want to avail an additional Temporary Graduate Visa. This will allow them an extra one or two years of post-study work privileges. The conditions that apply to this new initiative are:

  • They have continued residing in a part of regional Australia while on their first subclass 485 visa.
  • They have graduated from a registered institute located in regional Australia with a higher education certification or post-graduate qualification

Important Note: Regional Australia here applies to all Australian areas except Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Subclass 485 Concessions: Covid-19 Scenario

The Covid-19 Concessions for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 has been offered to prevent students from facing unnecessary problems due to the restrictions imposed in Australia after the Covid breakdown. However, these concessions do not apply to second-time Temporary Graduate Visa holders. The changes made ensure that the applicants eligible to hold the visa subclass 485 before the Covid scenario still retain the right to hold it after. The amendments go as follows:

  • Applicants can apply for and be granted a Temporary Graduate Visa while residing outside Australia during the stipulated concession phase of time.
  • Applicants can apply from outside Australia during the concession period without having to hold a student visa for six months before application.
  • The earlier six months duration required for the visa application post-graduation has been extended to 12 months due to Covid-related travel restrictions.

The Temporary Graduate Visa is an excellent option for international students to be in Australia and explore courses, work, and places. It is also a significant boost to regional areas in Australia as it helps increase their potential workforce. Australia has been a favourite for a long time among students all around and especially Asian students. The application process, however, can be a little confusing and time-consuming.

Final thoughts

To avail the best guidance related to visa 485, it is recommended to consult a professional. For example, an applicant wishing to explore Adelaide has to know everything about the area. In such a case, talking to a visa agent in Adelaide comes super handy. A migration agent in Adelaide can provide you with a precise estimate of the cost required. They can further aid you in understanding the potential downsides and advantages of residing in the area. Planning is the key. Without a plan, there is unwanted chaos and trouble. You must research well before applying and seek support from the top migration experts. 


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