Drafting a Thai Will for properties in Thailand or abroad

Making a Thai Will and Estate planning isn’t something we really want to spend our time thinking about, let alone running around trying to find an English-Speaking Lawyer in Thailand to put it together for us. However, it is something that is truly important and something you should be doing if you have property here and back home. 

Good estate planning to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death, should be dealt with by professionals and then filed away for safekeeping. Only looked at again for updating should the need arise. Should there be no Thai will in place in the event of your death, your estate will be in what is known as intestate. Your assets must then be distributed in accordance with the CCC Section 1629 classes, which are, in order of priority:

  • descendants;

  • parents;

  • brothers and sisters of full blood;

  • brothers and sisters of half blood;

  • grandfathers and grandmothers;

  • uncles and aunts.

  • last will and testament in Thailand

This means that should you die without a Will in Thailand, 50% of the estate will be given directly to your spouse, estranged or any. The rest will then be distributed according to the classes above, in that order. Should there be no living relations and no Thai will, your whole estate will be given over to the government. This is why you should strongly look at Making a Will in Thailand married or not.

Being married and not having a Thai Will in place is one thing. But, if you are living with your partner in a house you pay for together, and they die. You have no legal claim on that house, no matter if you paid the mortgage or not. The classes above will inherit, and you will be left with nothing, looking to start again.

Lots of things happen in Thailand, as we all know. And when it comes to property here you need to know your legal rights. Should things go not be sorted out well in advance of such events, you can find yourself quickly tangled up in a very costly legal battle. The very same can be said about your family back home. For them to come and claim your estate here in Thailand will be both a lengthy and costly affair. One that can cause stress and pain, and ultimately end up fruitless.

Having a valid Thai will eliminates many of these risks and secures your future and the future of your family in Thailand or back home. ThaiWills.com provides a service that helps you with the drafting of a Thai Will. The Will details your assets in Thailand, such as property, bank accounts, vehicles, and personal items. On the occasion of your death here in Thailand, your partner will be asked for a copy of the Will, alternatively, they will ask your lawyer for any documents he or she may have regarding the estate. 

If you have a Will drafted in your home country to cover assets there will be fine, and you can get your lawyer in your home country to include your Thai possessions. However, this may become problematic at your death if the Will is not presented in Thai. The Will needs to be translated, notarized, and approved by a government body. ThaiWills.com recommends getting a second Will in Thailand for your assets here.

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