Best books to read in quarantine


My husband George, and I spent a holiday, stuck in our hotel room. The flights were canceled. 


We couldn’t go out, to see, the places, we had planned. George and I, just played online games, on our phones, for few days. Then we got bored. It was good, that George had brought the Kindle, with him. 


We sat together, to enjoy some good titles. The good thing was, most of it was free to download. So let’s share with you readers as well:


  1. Brind Of The Wind Written By Heather Graham


It’s the story of Rose Woodbine and Pierce Deforte, who is the Prince of England. It’s a surprise to see, that both are forced to marry each other.


The twist comes when Pierce, is expelled from the palace. He then becomes a pirate.  Pierce, decides, to take revenge, on all those people, who according to him, played a role in getting rid of his royal status.


Rose, on the other hand, is also displaced. She ends up, being kidnapped, and taken to the ship, of the Pierce.


We both liked this novel. It was well written. The dialogues were awesome. We both recommend it for those who are interested in reading pirate romantic books.


    2.Enlightenment Now Written By Steven Pinker


It’s a book, which provides the readers with positive vibes. Steven comes up with the data, and tries, to show, that there is something, one may be optimistic about.


He also sheds, light, that violence has also reduced. Steven also emphasizes that lots of development or advancement have also taken place in the world.


The author also favors, the theories, proposed in the 18th century, namely Darwin’s evolution theory. Other scientists also proposed entropy and information.


We didn’t agree with most parts of the book, as it is underlying the tragic events in the history of mankind, are not mentioned. Furthermore, many other scientists, disagree, with the author about his optimistic point of view.


3.Say nothing Written By Patrick Radden Keefe


It’s a true story of Jean McConville. She lived with her children in Belfast. Her husband had died already. 


In the winter of 1972. Some people, wearing the mask. They knock on the door of her home.

They tell Jean, to wear a coat, and sit in the van, situated, outside her flat.


Nobody in the neighborhood noticed it. She tells the eldest son, to take care of his siblings. Later she is murdered.


 Patrick, give details, of Jean’s disappearance. She becomes the victim, of clashes between Protestants and Catholics. Her dead body is found on the abundant beach.


Jean’s children, spent their lives, in one of the orphanages. They are abused.


Jean’s killing, paved the way, for the civil war, in Northern Ireland. On the other hand I.R.A an organization, which was responsible for instability, also fell short of a peace agreement.

The Irish society saw the worst of the events. Everything was torn apart.


4.Lead From Outside Written By Stacy Abrams


The author, addresses, all those people, who are deprived, of taking key positions, in the management positions in the company. 


 She goes on to say, that all humans, should get equal opportunity, to lead others. Stacy, says, that achieving something great, requires hard work, passion.


Stacy witnessed many incidents of injustice, in her life. For instance, losing the governor’s election of Georgia.


 She never gave up in her life. Stacy passed the law degree, Stacy becomes one of the partners, for a legal company.


Stacy stresses, that it’s oneself, which is an invisible barrier, which never lets a person achieve more in life.


She is the role model, for those, who are afraid, to come out of their comfort zone.


All this requires, is constantly learning through the best books for starting a business. Taking help from the mentors. The other key takeaways in the book are:


  • Accepting one’s own mistakes

  • Getting access to Financial knowledge

  • Goal Setting


George and I enjoyed this book. As it clearly states, the struggle of a black woman, to break the glass ceiling, and become an example to become a successful leader.




These books, gave George and I, patience, and strength. We were moved, by the way, the pages, were well crafted, the characters, and the scenes.


We finally read, the news, that the ban on international travel was lifted, we packed our luggage. 


On the way back home, the remarkable memories, of the time, we spent, on that holiday, was one of its kind of experience.


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