An Enjoyable and Safe Experience of Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is a lot more than its renowned luxuries. Visiting its conservation reserve clicks a point to ponder that how Arabs have evolved voguishly from an era of being nomads to owners of the skyscrapers. It’s a dive into Dubai’s pre and post-cultural aspects. Desert safari Dubai is not just an exquisite landscape to mere stop and stare, it’s also a station for experiencing the super enthralling hell of a ride which is enjoyable yet safe. Explore the cultural heritage of the UAE, cuddle in the golden sand, and enjoy safe and enticing rides to unlock the ultimate pleasant secrets of this mystic land of nomads.

Discover what breath-taking yet safe and sound experiences this beautiful natural asset offers when the visitors get attracted to its bounties.

Enjoyable & Safe Experiences at Desert Safari Dubai


You can choose a desert safari Dubai visit specifically according to your ease and feasibility. In the morning tour, you can witness the tranquil sunrise and enjoy a delicious Arabic breakfast along with all the adventures and recreational activities that usually last for 4 hours but can extend to 6 hours. Save your evenings to witness the gleaming city lights and souk in the serenity of sand in the morning.

An evening safari sightseeing brings entertainment, insane adventures a divine eatery, and mesmerizing sunset along with getting you saved for  6 hours of amusement. Evening tours are jam-packed with SUV rides as desert Safari in the evening seems in action with hundreds of SUVs running here and there. Moreover, the campsite is home for ecstatic recreational activities, bonfires & seems high in the evening.

The perks and joys of an overnight desert safari tour are of as long as 6 hours where you can enjoy star-laden sky watching while spending the night in camp. The weather is breezy so people never leave a chance to enjoy dune bashing even at night. The desert reflects tranquillity and peace at night which begins with BBQ dinner, an entertainment-filled live show portraying Arabian tradition, then dune bashing or other enthralling activities.

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2.Enjoyable and Safe Excursions

Desert Safari offers highly exciting and safest excursions for everyone. You can enjoy quad biking after getting instructed under the necessary guidelines to drive in terrain safely. It’s a moderately difficult sand sport for which security adapt will be provided to you and once you take control of it, you’ll get back in a high adrenaline rush. 

Enjoy dune bashing in a hummer, land cruiser, jeep wrangler, or dune buggy. If you are looking for the safest thrill, hummer is the best. be comfortable in the hummer and hit the sand dunes. After a goose-bumping ride driven by a skilled driver, the hummer stops at the campsite where other sand sports await you. 

Other exciting and safest means of dune bashing are dune buggies which are off-road SUVs. Hire your own buggy and enjoy a high-spirited ride in an equipped dune buggy with roll cages, bucket seats, fire extinguisher, seat belts, night lights, a good mechanical skeleton, and good balancing tires. Stop and take mind-blowing photos portrayed you are in action, best time for dune bashing is the sunset because of the scenic landscape.

Float over the high sand dunes of Dubai. Once you know how to tackle the board, you can glide over the sand in new ways of your own. Give your competitor a tough time after taking a set of instructions.

3.Camel and Horse Rides

Being on a desert safari and not riding the ship of the desert is not worth it. Try camel ride with a whole new vibe of being fulfilled and secured. Give a thought to this popular carries by the historic means when people used to travel on horses and camel miles away. The ride is as long as 30 to 45 minutes in which you can explore the corners of the sand sea where SUVs cant go. Camel and horse rides are usually given in almost every tour package you pick.

Be as fast as you can while galloping over the horse that is the symbol of historic achievements. Riding on horseback in the midst of the desert is completely safe as every animal is trained by a master who keeps a keen eye.

4. Fun at the Campsite

Live shows such as the mystic Tanoura dance, energetic Zumba, and stunning fire show while smoking shisha at the campsite fill it with hell fun that s exclusive at desert safari Dubai. Whether you get your tent pitched or book a Bedouin-style luxury camp in the midst of the marsh, it will leave you in awe in both cases! Experience the adventurous vibe of being in the middle of nowhere on earth! And what fun it is to place your very own tent there where only you and your people are subjected to limitless fun and entertainment. This natural conservation of Dubai is exotic if you book a private camp and are experience a royal kind of hospitality. Get to know a nomadic Bedouin lifestyle in the camps, painting henna, taking photos while donning the traditional Arabian clothes are other fun factors at the campsite. 

5.The Classic Arabian Cusine

Enjoy the delicious BBQ and buffet filled with royal cuisine of the middle east, roasted in charcoal while enjoying live shows. You have unlimited access to refreshing drinks and appetizers such as Arabian coffee with dates, tea, soft drinks, and soups. The mouth-watering BBQ and buffet are provided in an evening and overnight tour while you can take the amenities of royal breakfast in the morning desert safari.

6.Falconry and Photography with the wildlife

Experience the fantasy of posing with the majestic falcons of the UAE and get an insight into the ancient falconry tradition of the Arabs which they used to execute as a method to hunt their prey by training falcons. These falcons show stunts like swinging and diving in a lure.

Take photographs of the beautiful landscapes, of the gorgeous sand-spreading SUVs, of your squad being high in sand, of hot air balloons in the background, and of exquisite wildlife rarely found anywhere else. Desert safari Dubai offers great photography opportunities for professionals as well as explorers. Wild foxes, gazelles, a rare desert owl, wild camels, onyx, hyena, and a lot more species can be seen in desert safari if you are out to discover. They are harmless if you keep a certain distance. 


The fun and blast you’ll experience here at desert safari Dubai, you’ll never get to experience anywhere else in the world. Pick and drop in a 4x4 carrier, the supervision of a professional guide, free and unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, Arabian coffee, tea, and such refreshing drinks along with Arabian appetizers and sandwiches are some complementary stuff available with almost every tour package of desert safari. Considering the safety factor, it is better to make sure you are not subjecting people with back issues, pregnant women, heart patients to adventurous rides as these thrilling activities are not suitable for them. However, they can take fully-fledged perks of the campsite fun.



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