Amazing Things To Do When You Visit India

India is a country with ancient, exquisite, diverse, and sensory vibes all around. Therefore it offers an overwhelming experience to everyone who pays a visit to this beautiful country. From its glorious culture to lip-smacking regional delicacies to its historical wonders and scenic beauties, India is a country that has something of every kind for everyone.

So if you are planning to book cheap tickets to India and you are searching for some guidance to figure out what amazing things you can do in this country, here's our list of the best and unique things to do during your stay in India.

  1. Explore The Magnificent Temples

India is a country that is primarily known for its myriad of magnificent temples. The most amusing thing here is that you can find one temple within every 3 km of the city. All the temples are the gods' spiritual homes, where people visit to pay their homage and respect to their divinity. Many of India's temples have rich historical stories of major significance, and many temples boast incredible and marvelous architecture. Temples are a vital part of India's heritage. Some of the most famous temples you can visit are Meenakshi Amman Temple, Golden Temple, and Akshardham Temple, and each of these temples will surely entice you with their beauty. 

       2 . Be A Part Of Any One Of the Festivals

Festivals are an extremely important part of India’s culture and religion, and India hosts many cultural festivals all around the year, and each has its significance and rituals. Some of the festivals are dedicated to GodGod, goddesses, prophets, saints, and some are dedicated to welcome new seasons. Once you dive into any one of the festivals celebrated in India, you will witness the true essence of Indian culture and its heart and soul. The most recommended festival to be a part of is Holi, which marks the end of the winter season, Diwali, the festival of lights, and is celebrated to honor good over evil.

       3   Go On Tiger Safari Ride

India boasts its culture and religions and has a stunning diversity of flora and fauna, especially for wildlife. The most stunning gems of India are the wild cats that roam around in the Indian jungles. This country is home to the biggest feral cats globally, and one of them is Bengal tigers. People from different parts of the world especially book their cheap tickets to India to catch a single glimpse of those wild cats roaming around. You can witness those wild cats in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, and Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. March to June is the best season to spot those tigers riding on Tiger Safari.

      4   Trek In Himalayan Ranges

It is mostly overshadowed because of its neighbor, but India is also one of the best places for trekking and offers splendid opportunities for trek enthusiasts in the Himalayas. From regular beginners hike to multi-day treks with rugged terrains and stunning scenic views. Trekking in the Indian Himalayan range is definitely more than just an ordinary trek experience and purely refreshes the mind and soul from inside. Hampta Pass trek, located in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the easiest and popular hikes in the area. The Markha Valley trek is a desert valley trek available in Ladakh and Zanskar ranges in the backdrop. No matter whichever treks you choose, you will find variations in trails, terrains, and scenic landscapes.

      5   Explore The Backwaters Of Kerala

Located off the Malabar Coast of India, Kerala is a state which is also known as God'sGod's own country, and the Queen of Arabian Sea is very well popular for its backwaters, paddy fields, and coconut waters. The pristine blue waters of Kerala spread over an area of 900 kilometers. This state in India lets the travelers experience floating grocery stories, people traveling in canoes, and interconnected canals, which encases a very unique and slower way of living in India. After booking your cheap tickets to India, Do visit the Alleppey Backwaters, which is often known as India's Venice.

       6   Enjoy Soaking The Sun At Indian Beaches

India is a country that has been blessed with water on three sides which lets this country boast countless beaches. The tropical climate of the county makes the Indian beaches a prominent tourism spot. Many of the best beaches are found on India's western side, and you will find some beautiful hidden gems on the eastern side. Palolem Beach, also known as Paradise beach, located in South Goa, offers an authentic taste of seclusions and paradise in India. Another beach to visit is Radhanagar Beach, famous for being the most picturesque coastline with turquoise-colored water and white sand. One thing that is sure at beaches of India is that you will witness the most stunning views of your lifetimes' sunset.

       7   Visit The Historic Sites And Monuments

India is a country with the oldest civilizations in the world. The country has seen many rises and falls of kings, empires, and dynasties left behind. Thus, it is a country with a rich and glorious history with the essence of cultural significance. All these things illustrate the long-held traditions of the past and boast the glorious history of India. When you book cheap tickets to India, make sure you visit the UNESCO claimed heritage sites of India, including Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, and many more. Every monument and historic site is associated with a significant story, so do visit as many sites as you can listen to those history stories.

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