10 Reasons and Benefits of State Park Camping at West Virgin

West Virginia is one of the most scenic states in the United States, and it comprises 27 state parks. State parks not only provide revenue to states but also offer recreation, education, and social well-being.

Reasons and benefits to camp in state parks

The 27 West Virginia state parks are ideal for camping because there are several habitats you can pitch your tent and enjoy picturesque views in various locations. You will have an experience you are bound never to forget when camping in state parks in West Virginia for the following reasons;

1. Support

State parks provide campers with a better support system than federal parks. You have access to ranger stations and information centers in the park with staff at all times. There is always a person on duty to attend to emergencies.

2. Less strict camping rules

If you are looking for a great weekend gateway, a state park is the better option because you can light fires for your barbeque or bonfire to keep warm at night. You can also enjoy your best beer and alcoholic beverages in state parks.

3. Better experiences

State parks provide visitors with pleasant experiences, contrary to a federal park that advocates preservation. There are nature trails, hiking and bike paths, forests, and even a beach or a lake. Everything is packaged with the visitor in mind to create a lasting memory.

4. More land available for camping

State parks have more land set aside for camping and are usually nicer than federal parks. The land includes wilderness areas and campgrounds.

5. Sense of belonging

State parks instill a kind of ownership. You feel like camping in your land, something you wouldn't get in a federal or private campground. There is freedom in a state park that makes you get you are no longer a visitor.

6. Affordable

You can visit some West Virginia state parks for free and enjoy discounts on lodging. Senior citizens receive a 10-50% discount on camping rates, and if aged above 60 years, you enjoy 10% off on lodge, cabin, or campsite throughout the year. If you are a veteran, you receive 10% off on your camping rates.

7. Better amenities

About half of the total campsites in the state parks in West Virginia have facilities to match the visitor's home comfort. For example, you will find hot showers and laundry areas.

8. Revenue generation

State parks contribute to the local economy by raising revenue through entry and camping fees. You feel proud knowing that your money is contributing to societal well-being.

9. Health well-being

Once you decide to go away from the busy city life and escape to the parks, you breathe fresh air without pollutants. By spending in areas with plenty of trees, take more oxygen, and your body releases serotonin which allows the body to function with less strain. Outdoor camping improves blood pressure, digestion and boosts the immune system.

10. Meditation

Camping is an opportune time to disconnect from the busy life and enjoy simple natural experiences. Leave your phone, tablet, or laptop at home when camping to enjoy the outdoor experience without distractions. It increases self-awareness and reduces stress when you start appreciating nature.

Compatible activities when camping in state parks

Activities to pursue as you camp at West Virginia state parks are;


Some locations as you hike will give panoramic views of the valley and other natural features.


The waters around the state parks are full of bass, rock bass, bluegill, and smallmouth that provide an incredible fishing experience.


The area is rich in wildlife species, some of which hunting allowed with a license.


Explore the mountain trails on a bike as you enjoy the flora and the fauna of West Virginia.


Learn to use a variety of watercraft, like kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, and water trikes.

Bird watching

Visit the important bird areas and learn of popular birds in the state.

Best state parks in West Virginia for camping

The most popular West Virginia state parks you can decide to visit for camping include Audra state park, Baker's Run, Bear Heaven, Beech Fork State Park, and Big Bear Lake family camp lands.

West Virginia is a camper's paradise, and we would like to work with you and materialize your camping experience. Call us for all matters camping because no one else knows the area better than us.


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