10 Best Kids Activities in UAE

Visiting UAE should never be a problem for families since it offers countless of activities for children to experience a lifetime of trip. From the adventurous, to fun, and learning activities, families can keep their children engaged. So entertaining the little ones here is not a problem at all. We have jotted down the 10 best kids activities in UAE to let them have a great time in the UAE.


When learning and entertainment are combined, children can develop their cognitive and mortar skills quickly. If you agree, then take your kids to the Kidzania where they can have fun and learn a few practical things of real-life. Giving them a taste of the real professional world at a tender age will do good for them. They can role-play 70 different professions and learn in a fun way. The Kidzania offers specialist training that can build their skills and confidence. The professions to choose from are health, education, construction, food and beverages, entertainment, services, transportation, sports and many more. Kids can also celebrate birthday parties at Kidzania and collect priceless memories.

Green Planet

Make your children learn the importance of ecosystems on Earth at an early age with a visit to the Green Planet. This bio-dome offers an interactive and informative educational experience to families. It has an indoor rainforest that houses over 3000 plants and animals. Families can experience snorkelling with piranhas, thunderstorm of the tropics, which is rare in the UAE since it hardly receive any rainfall, picnic brunch with Sloth and friends, and also camping in the indoor rainforest, which is a lifestyle experience to cherish forever.

Mattel Play Town

If you want nothing than top-rated kid activities in Dubai, then head to the Mattel Play Town. Built by the famous toy brand in the world, this park has everything that little ones need for entertainment and education. The wide range of games, interactive shows, learning activities, and a movie at 4D cinema to see the world through the eyes of Thomas, the rail engine and its friends, can help the little ones’ imagination power grow. Girls can take a lesson or two in bailey dancing at the Camembert Academy of the Mattel Play Town. The interactive studio focuses on dance and performance and helps children imbibe the importance of discipline, strength, and teamwork. Children can also meet and play with their favourite purple dinosaur – Barney to learn good manners and inculcate positive values.

Dubai Safari Park

A visit to the Dubai Safari Park is the best kids activities in Dubai. It is built on a massive 119-hectare of land and is counted as one among the top 10 zoos in the world. This wildlife sanctuary is a home to 2000 animals from all the corners of the. The unique thing about this park is the drive-thru exhibit to watch crocodile, hippo, and tiger closely and a largest aviary exhibit. The park has divided its area into four categories – the Arabian, African, Asian, and Explorer Village to be experienced by bus and on foot. It also has a petting farm for children to feed giraffes. It is located at Ras Al Khor Road.

Dolphin Bay

Dolphins, the friendly mammals attract both children and adults with their cute appearance and interesting tricks. Located in the Atlantis, the Dolphin Bay is the most-loved spot by families. The Bay offers numerous dolphin activities ideal for all ages. You can get up-close with these amazing mammals and also learn a great deal on caring for them. You can enjoy a complimentary photo session with these incredible mammals, learn about their biology and behaviour getting close to them, and swim in the deep water with resident dolphins.

Bounce Dubai

Bounce Dubai is the biggest trampoline park in the UAE that offers amazing indoor adventure for children. Your kids can enjoy freestyle sport at this park without any inhibition. All the activities that children can indulge in will help them bring out the athlete in them. The jumping activities will also help improving their health. The entire park is made up of wall to wall trampoline so that children can gain some fundamental skills for freestyle sport.

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the best kids activities in Dubai where they can develop creative skills is a visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden. This outdoor recreational park is a flower garden that can bring out the creative juices in your children. Located in the district of Dubailand, it’s the world’s largest flower garden. You can see flower structures of famous cartoons, castles, animals, Airbus A380 and many more things.

Dubai Ice Rink

Did you think that finding snow in the desert is an impossible task? Well! Not for the UAE. To offer tourist the joy of ice-skating, Dubai has built an Olympic-sized Ice Rink inside the Dubai Mall. It is open for all ages from beginners to seasoned skaters. Even if your children have no lesson in skating, Dubai Ice Rink has instructors to train them. You can also rent a part of the Rink for practising ice hockey, or an educational visit for your children.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is a unique theme park and a fine example on how unwanted things can be brought into use with the right use of technology and environment without disturbing the environment. Millions of energy-saving bulbs and tonnes of luminous fabrics are used to build the garden. The garden displays amazing flower and animal structures built using handmade colourful lights. Seeing the garden glowing in the lights during the evening is an experience of its kind.

Aventura Park

Physical activities are important to keep children fit and growing faster. If you believe in this reality, then take them to the Aventura Park. This outdoor park offers lots of activities from rock climbing, to obstacle passing that help developing physical and mental strength in children.

Dubai is a family-friendly tourist destination with a lot for children to enjoy both indoor and outdoor. Whether you want to edutainment, adventure, or just fun your little ones, engage them in these Kids Activities in Dubai while in holiday in the UAE.


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