Top 10 Best Hispanic Grocery Stores

Top 10 Best Hispanic Grocery Stores

Hispanic grocery stores are a treasure trove for authentic ingredients and foods from different Latin American countries and Spain. For Hispanics living in the US, these markets are a taste of home and culture. Even for non-Hispanics, these stores offer a chance to discover new and unique flavors. Here we look at the 10 best Hispanic grocery store chains appreciated for their quality, variety, and authenticity.

1. Fiesta Mart

Founded in Houston in 1972, Fiesta Mart is one of the pioneers among Hispanic supermarkets in the US. With over 60 locations in Texas, Fiesta Mart is loved for carrying the largest selection of Mexican and Latin products. Their diverse food options, competitive prices, and welcoming environment make Fiesta Mart a long-time favorite.

2. Sedano’s

Started as a small Cuban grocery store in Hialeah, Florida in 1962, Sedano’s has grown to 35+ supermarkets in the state. Sedano’s excels at stocking authentic Cuban breads, meats, and freshly roasted coffee. But they also offer pan-Latin American products representing cuisines from Mexico to Argentina. Sedano’s remains community-oriented and committed to its Cuban roots.

3. Bravo Supermarkets

With 20 locations in California, Bravo Supermarkets has been a neighborhood staple since opening its first store in Anaheim in 1980. Family-owned Bravo takes pride in its superior meat department, low prices, and excellent customer service. It provides a warm familial ambiance alongside all the Hispanic ingredients shoppers cherish.

4. Jungle Jim’s International Market

Unlike most Hispanic grocers, Jungle Jim’s is not located in a Hispanic-majority area but in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since opening in 1971, Jungle Jim’s has expanded into a huge 200,000 sq. ft. supermarket celebrating food from around the world, especially Latin America. Shoppers flock for the unparalleled variety of global foods under one roof.

5. El Rancho

A Dallas institution since 1982, El Rancho has been essential for feeding the city’s booming Hispanic population for decades. With 9 supermarkets across Dallas-Fort Worth focusing on Mexican and Tex-Mex flavors, El Rancho is adored for its fresh-made tortillas, meat counter, and produce quality. Authentic Mexican cooking ingredients abound at everyday low prices.

6. González Northgate Markets

One of the newer players founded in 1980 in Anaheim, Northgate Markets has quickly expanded to over 30 supermarkets in Southern California. Northgate celebrates Hispanic food culture through its weekly promotions, festivals, and community support. It is especially beloved for carrying the hottest chile peppers and Mex-American fusion foods.

7. Compare Foods

Since starting out as a small bodega in NYC in 1993, Compare Foods has grown steadily to 30+ locations down the East Coast. While Compare carries general grocery items, its Latino products truly shine with immense variety. Shoppers praise Compare’s Latin meats, spices, bakery, and specialty chocolates in particular.

8. Pro’s Ranch Markets

Started initially as an outdoor tent store in 1967 in California’s San Fernando Valley, Pro’s Ranch Markets has blossomed into a 31-store chain in California and Nevada. Pro’s Ranch takes pride in carrying the widest selection of Latino brands catering to Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central & South American palettes.

9. La Michoacana Meat Market

Since opening its first carnicería in Houston in 1991, La Michoacana has expanded to over 200 locations across Texas and the South. This family-owned grocer focuses on superior-quality Mexican meats and offerings from various Latin countries. It is the go-to place for authentic ingredients like chiles, spices, mamoncillo, and pan dulce.

10. El Super

A pioneer back to opening its first Los Angeles store in 1942, El Super now has over 50 supermarkets catering to Hispanic communities in California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Shoppers love El Super for carrying the widest assortment of Mexican products as well as general grocery items at excellent prices. Authentic panadería items are among its specialties.


For Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike, these top Hispanic grocery chains offer a gateway to explore the depth of Latin cultures through original ingredients and flavors. Their commitment to freshness, variety, and community has made them cherished neighborhood institutions.


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