What is Home Automation?

Have you been worried about getting disconnected in a zoom meeting due to power failure? Have the non-stop home deliveries made working from home difficult? Or has 'finding the right remote at the right time' been like a Roadies task for you? 

There is one very convenient and affordable solution to these and many more similar daily life problems: home automation. 

Yes, you got it right! You can now enjoy the convenience, security, and economic benefits of innovative home technology, from automating your interior shades in the sunroom to warming up your pool or adjusting the lights and music before your friends arrive at your house party. 

Being a relatively new technology, some people may find home automation systems overwhelming. Hence today, we will break down precisely what home automation is and how you can make it a part of your life. 

Let's first understand what this technology is all about!

Smart Home automation is a technological solution that facilitates automating the bulk of electronic and technology-based tasks in a home. It uses several hardware and software technologies that control and manage various household appliances and devices connected to the Internet. Within the home automation system, devices connect and communicate over a local wired or wireless network. The entire system usually requires system management software, installation of device/appliance controllers, temperature and motion sensors and other components. In simpler terms, home automation is one technological advancement that makes your life just a tad bit more manageable.

But does it seem a sensible choice to transform our house into a smart home just for a bit of convenience? Well, home automation is not only about making household tasks simpler. 

It can help you - 

  • save money by cutting utility costs over time

  • make your home safer and more secure with motion sensors, surveillance recorders, and video doorbells

  • save time by performing rote tasks automatically 

So with Smart home automation, you can make homes simpler, better, or more accessible, and above all, they can provide comfort and peace of mind.

Now that we know what is home automation and why is it necessary, let's understand how! The entire system works through a network of devices connected to the Internet by different communication protocols. The devices can be managed remotely via electronic interfaces through controllers, either a voice assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant or via an app. Many IoT devices have sensors that monitor changes in motion, temperature, and light to gain information about the device's surroundings. 

With continued technological advancement, owning a home automation system is no longer something that one would see only in sci-fi movies set in the far-off future. All the necessary components like smart wiring, control systems and the Internet are already present in your home. The only thing that has to be taken care of is laying the foundation of the automation system. And the beauty of these automation systems is that one can tailor them to match their requirements, whatever they may be.

Home automation is not a task to be finished in a day. Instead, you can start small and build up the system over time. With so many big players entering the IoT device and automation market, there's no limit to what you can automate and make your life more secure and convenient than ever before. 


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