What are the simple steps to cancel Avast subscription?

Avast antivirus is a well-known security program for Windows PCs. Avast antivirus plans are available for nearly all platforms. All viruses can be removed by installing the Avast antivirus free on your device. Avast's freeware offers basic security tools. Avast premium can be upgraded to provide more advanced anti-virus tools. Avast paid plans to offer better malware protection, firewall, and secure browsing. Premium plans have an auto-renewal option. The antivirus license gets automatically renewed when it is close to expiration. The device is protected from vulnerability by the auto-renewal service. Avast will renew the antivirus and the payment will appear on the bank details that you entered when purchasing it. You can deactivate the auto-renewal option if you do not wish to renew your plan.


How do i turn off auto renewal on Avast account?


To cancel a subscription, users can use Avast antivirus to cancel it. Your Norton subscription will be cancelled and not auto-renewed. To cancel the Avast auto renewal, log in to your Avast antivirus accounts.


  • Open your Subscription window on the Avast Account
  • Click on the Avast plan you wish to unsubscribe and click on it
  • Avast wizard will appear on your screen
  • To cancel your subscription, tap the Confirm button.


Cancelling Avast auto-renewal using Google Play Store


You can also cancel your Avast antivirus auto-renewal subscription from the Google Play Store. The Google store allows users to purchase the Avast installation. You can cancel the purchase of the setup directly from the Google store if you've already purchased it.


  • Open the play store on your device
  • Browse the Store Menu
  • Select the Avast antivirus from the subscription window
  • Click Cancel Subscription


Follow these wizards to disable the Avast anti-virus auto-renewal. You can no longer use premium tools after your subscription expires.


Disabling Avast auto-renewal using Apple Store


Avast antivirus can be used on iOS devices as well. You can easily disable the Avast antivirus setup that you have purchased from the Apple Store. The App store allows you to disable your subscription.


  • Apple ID is required to open your App Store
  • Click on the profile picture to view it
  • Click the Subscribe button
  • Select the Avast icon
  • Select Cancel Subscription


Click the Confirm button. Now your Avast auto-renewal plan has been disabled. Users can now access Avast paid tools after disabling their Avast subscription. You can only use the free antivirus after the expiry date.


You have two options: you can use Avast's freeware or manually renew your Avast antivirus program when the plan expires. The Avast antivirus program starts to send popups and expiry messages when the plan is close to expiration. If you don't use the Avast plan, disable the popup and ignore it. You can manually renew your Avast antivirus plan if you need the premium features. The Avast tool can be used until the expiry date to renew your antivirus. You can renew your antivirus plan up to seven days before expiry. You don't have to worry about the days remaining as they will be added. The renew popup allows users to renew their plans easily. Click on the Avast expiry warning message popup to confirm. The Avast website will open. After clicking on the renewal plan, enter your billing details. After payment is complete, Avast antivirus will be renewed and you can access its premium tools. You can either use Avast's free tools or upgrade your Avast plan if you do not renew the antivirus.


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