TV vs. Projector: A Guide to Choose the Best for Home Cinema

TV vs. Projector: A Guide to Choose the Best for Home Cinema

Some people love the idea of setting up their home theatres to enjoy the fantabulous movie night with friends and family. However, not everyone affords a cinema-sized TV. This might leave them sad at first, but trust me, this article has the solution for you. Have you ever considered getting a projector to enjoy the binge-watching sessions with your friends or loved ones? If you haven’t, you must now!

If you are someone who has always cherished the idea of watching movies and seasons together with friends, you are going to love the suggestion we are putting forward in this article. Buying a projector may sound an absurd idea in the beginning, however, once you get it, you will be amazed by its advantages.

To your surprise, projectors are not as expensive as TVs. Instead, they are quite affordable, and all you need are a pair of good speakers to complement the projector. Intriguing, right?

All you need is to connect your laptop with the projector, and use spectrum internet deals to download or live-stream your favorite movie from Netflix or any other website. Grab a few packs of popcorns, turn on your movie nights, tuck yourself in the sheets, and boom!

Some of the comparable features of Projector and TV that make either of one the right choice are as follows. Let’s consider all of them, and reach out to the best conclusion.

The Overall Cost and Expenses

While we are out to buy anything, our main concern is the price. To an extent, it is undoubtedly the best thing to do. You must get things that do not shatter your budget but keep you afloat instead. If we consider TV and Projector, provided the screen size (approximately 100 inches), projector seems to be a more affordable solution. However, even a smaller-sized TV (up to 30 inches) will cost you way more than the projector. If you pair up the projector with good-quality speakers, you’d still be saving a lot.

So, getting a projector is undoubtedly the best idea if you have a good internet connection that lets you enjoy frequent movie sessions. The display size is beyond comparison, however, if you are someone who is very deeply concerned about the quality, you must go for the TV.

Maintenance and Regular Attention

After the cost, the next important factor that helps you in deciding between projector and TV will be the regular or periodic maintenance that both of them might require. We all are quite aware of the fact that newer TVs require little to no interventions in terms of maintenance and care. However, if you are planning to get a projector, you need to spare time every now and then for its management.

The projectors mainly work by using high-powered lamps to project or reflect images on the screen. However, with the passage of time, the lamps are prone to burning due to heat and usage. In this case, they might need replacing. Moreover, the projector may become dust clouded and show distorted images. To overcome this problem, you have to clean it regularly.

Video Resolution and Picture Quality

The highest resolution that any TV would offer is 4K. However, it is not the only solution that you might come up with. 4K TVs are very rare as yet, as they might need very high internet speeds that are not very common. Moreover, if you want a cinematic experience, 4K projectors are undeniably the best choice. Hence, if you want a 4K experience, subscribe to the best spectrum internet deals and enjoy the movie night with friends or family.

Screen Dimensions and Sizes

The largest and at the same time, the most expensive TV that we have on the market as of now is 80 inches. However, projectors can easily support good resolutions up to a 100-inch screen. But this size gap is becoming more and more narrow with time. There is a fair chance that we will have 100-inches TV screens very soon. The only drawback is Tv's affordability and prices.

Brightness and Contrast

The only point where Projectors lose out to TVs is the brightness. For a projector, you need a dedicated cinema room with a dark atmosphere. You can’t place it in a brightly lit or sunny room. However, TVs have strong LEDs that make them brighter than the room, and therefore, they show a good brightness and clear screen.

As far as contrast is concerned, projectors have a very good contrast ratio. However, it might wash off you have it in a brightly lit room. Therefore, to enjoy the projector cinematic experience, you need to have a fully dedicated darkened room.

Space Consumption

TVs might need a wall to settle in. However, for a projector, you need some good space for it to work efficiently. Using a projector in a smaller room with no distance between it and the screen might not give the right resolution. Therefore, it is necessary that you a big room dedicated to setting up the projector.

The Verdict

TVs and projectors both have their give and takes. It solely depends on your personal preference. If you are someone who loves the idea of spending some good time with family will definitely work to set up and maintain the projector. However, if you are a lazy ass who needs everything perfect that doesn’t require maintenance, you might go for a TV. It is undoubtedly a very close shot but in the end, it's your personal preference that must prevail.

So, subscribe to spectrum internet deals, stream your favorite movie, call your friend or family in your home cinema, and enjoy the night.