The Advantages of WordPress Hosting over Shared Hosting

Are you looking to create and launch your website online?

If the answer is yes, then you may have already started your research about web hosting. Searching for the perfect web hosting for your website isn’t always easy as it sounds. Trust me, I know. It is just that hosting is a subscription-based service so, whatever hosting you choose, you will be stuck with it for a while. That is why it is important that you select a hosting service that you would not regret paying for later.Now, if it is your first time hosting a website, you have to be particularly careful with the hosting service you choose. Most people go with a regular shared hosting service that is cheap and fulfills the basic hosting requirements. And, it is a good choice!

Until a few years back, I would have recommended you go with it without even blinking. But, now things have changed a lot. With the emergence of too many hosting providers, the market has become a lot more saturated than it was back in the day. To make it more complicated, all of these providers claim to be “the leading hosting company.” Like seriously! What kind of a hosting provider can become “the leading hosting company” by offering packages for just shared hosting services. Don’t get me wrong! I am all up for shared hosting being your first hosting service. But these “leading providers” may skew your judgment which is not good. The MilesWeb review regarding all the web hosting plans have always been the best

We’ll discuss how to pick a hosting provider at a later time. Right now, I am more interested in talking about shared hosting’s arch-rival: WordPress hosting. Let me rewind back to when I asked you about creating your website. What is it that you were planning to do? Coding?

It is one way to go if you are already a seasoned programmer and can develop a functional and sleek website. But, if you are not, there is still a way you can create a perfect interactive website even if you do not have a shred of experience in coding. You can use a content management system or CMS application to create a coded version of your website.If you search a bit more, you will realize that among all the CMS applications, WordPress is the one for you. An open-source application based on PHP, WordPress helps you create a website like a pro. You get to choose from an assortment of themes to build the appearance and install plugins to imbue the site with various functions. With WordPress, you can create anything from a simple blog site to a fully operational online store.

With over 34% of the total websites on the internet using WordPress, it is sensible to offer hosting services that are more exclusive to these websites. Hence, a lot of hosting providers have designed their own WordPress hosting plans to offer WordPress users.

Before I tell you what advantages WordPress hosting has over shared hosting, let’s see what these two hosting services are.

Shared Hosting

The provider uses one server to host many websites at a time. It means that many websites share hosting with each other on a single server machine. Hence the name shared hosting.

It is like traveling on a public bus. You have to share the bus with many other people who you may or may not know. The point is if you have to travel by bus, you have to get on it and pray to get a seat or not be seated with someone annoying.The example aside, it is not too bad for a first hosting service as you can upgrade your plans as your site grows. And yes, it supports WordPress websites just fine.

WordPress Hosting

With WordPress hosting, the provider installs the WordPress application and configures the settings for both hosting and the application. All of that happens on shared hosting.

If I have to explain with an example, If shared hosting is a public bus, WordPress hosting is a private bus that picks up and drops the employees of a company. You still have to pray about the seating arrangement, but at least the crowd is lesser and familiar.

Advantages of WordPress Hosting has over Shared Hosting

Judging from the explanation, you may have already guessed some advantages of WordPress hosting. So, I will continue with the less obvious ones.

Easy Management

With WordPress hosting, the provider pre-installs the WordPress and configures it to support your WordPress website. They also set the control panel so that you can easily monitor the requirements your WordPress site demands from the hosting.

Better Compatibility

Being exclusive to WordPress users only, WordPress hosting is usually provided with a Linux server. The provider optimizes the server to support the PHP-based WordPress website raising its overall compatibility.

Better Performance

WordPress websites are not easy to host on a shared hosting platform. You have to manage and optimize the server usage per the website’s daily operations. WordPress hosting has an already optimized server and pre-configured hosting, ready to host a WordPress website. It alone maximizes the performance of the WordPress website as the hosting is set up to deliver smooth performance.

To Sum it up

Shared hosting is an ideal option for first-timers. It has the basic functionality for hosting your website. However, if you have a WordPress website, it is a daunting task to configure the hosting in a way for it to function smoothly. This issue is solved by WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is a better more advantageous alternative to shared hosting in terms of management, compatibility and performance of your WordPress website .