Snowblower Repair

How to Get a Reliable and Cost-Friendly Service

Needing a snowblower repair can be a difficult situation to be caught in.

Snowblowers are highly necessary equipment during the winter season, and when you get caught needing a repair or with a defective snowblower when the winter season is almost around, this could get you in quite a fix during the cold season.

To help you avoid having problems with your snowblower, you should know more about how to get help fixing your snow machine if you ever need repairs.

You should also consider that snowblowers can be rather expensive, so having your old one repaired is always a better choice than splurging on a new one completely provided that your old unit can still be repaired.

Where to Find Help
There are many ways to begin your snowblower repair quest. When you need to have your snow machine repaired, you have two main options. First, you can bring your machine back to your manufacturer for free repairs under warranty or paid repairs by authorized mechanics.

If this is your preferred option, your first step is to check your owner’s manual for any instructions on getting repairs. Some manufacturers, one of which is Honda, offer copies of its snowblower manuals online, so in case you have lost your copy, you can try searching for it online.

Second, you can opt to have your snow thrower repaired at general repair services that offer specialized services for snowblowers.

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Having Your Manufacturer Repair Your Snowblower

Having your snowblower repaired by the same people who produced it is obviously always the best move to make when your snowblower needs some fixing. Snowblowers are not commonplace equipment that ordinary repairmen are adept at working on, so it is best to go straight to the experts for your snowblower repair needs.

Also, snow blowers come with longer product warranties. Most products come with two-year warranties, while some brands offer three and four-year warranties on selected models. The longest warranty on a snowblower is a five-year warranty placed by top brands like Toro on some of their best models.

This means that if your warranty still applies, then there is clearly no reason at all to search for an outsourced repair service for your snowblower when you can have your snowblower fixed under warranty.

But even if your warranty has expired, it is still better for you to go straight to your manufacturer to have your snowblower fixed. This reduces the risks and the possibilities of any problems or incorrect repair methods that may even more severely damage your machine. One disadvantage, however, is that if your warranty has expired, you can expect expensive repair costs.

To have your machine repaired by the manufacturer, your first step should be to check your manual or warranty card for any instructions on how to avail of snow blower repair from your manufacturer.

Needing snowblower repair can be quite frustrating, especially when the winter season is practically at your door. To prevent any snowblower problems during the winter, make sure to get durable snowblowers that can withstand the tests and ravages it is bound to face while doing your snow chores.

General Snowblower Repair Services

To avoid the cost disadvantage of having your snowblower repaired by your manufacturer, you can also have it repaired by general repair services. There are several repair service providers that specialize in snowblowers.

You can even find and contact them online. Your biggest challenge, however, is how to choose the best and the most capable repair service that can promise you a solid work on your machine.

Pros: Reliable manufacturer repairs, free under-warranty repairs, accessibility/availability of repair services, affordability
Cons: Expensive repairs when the warranty has expired/less reliable repairs by general repair services


The Verdict

In having your snowblower repaired, your best bet is still to go straight to the source of your manufacturer. But if your warranty has expired and you are not willing to pay high repair costs for manufacturer repair services, you can turn to general repair services provided that you choose the best and the most reliable service you can find.


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