RESOLVED Error 1402 While Installing the QuickBooks Desktop

Are you dealing with the QuickBooks error 1402? We are happy to say you have landed on the correct page. QuickBooks errors could be very irritating and troublesome. Hence we have prepared this article to guide you through how to resolve the error code 1402 QuickBooks using QuickBooks Tool Hub.

For years, users are using the QuickBooks software to track their finances and keep the record at their reach. The software is also improving its features and introducing different tools with every passing year. However just like any other software QuickBooks also has many problems and issues that have decreased the user experience. We understand how frustrating it could be to deal with an issue in the middle of the work. It could disturb your workflow and also can corrupt some important files. Therefore read the whole article till the end. It will guide you through all the possible solutions. Without further, let’s begin!

QuickBooks Error 1402- Brief Description

Before diving deep into the QuickBooks error 1402, let us first understand a few basic information about the error. The error code 1402 QuickBooks generally occurs while you are trying to access, open, or install the QuickBooks Desktop. The error may also arise while opening the damaged accounting application in our operating system including Apple Mac OS or Windows.

While dealing with the error, you may also get the error message:

“Couldn’t open the key.”

It is recommended to first learn the main reasons and symptoms of the issue before performing the troubleshooting solution.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 1402

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of the error 1402 QuickBooks.some of them are listed below.

  • The error might have arisen due to the partial or wrong installation of the QuickBooks software.

  • You might have installed the wrong version of QuickBooks.

  • The Windows you are using might not be updated.

  • The CD that is being used for installation might be damaged.

How to Prevent System from QuickBooks Error Code 1402

However, let us first explore the different ways to take a few measures that will help you to avoid the error 1402 QuickBooks in future.

  • While installing the software give it time to properly get installed.

  • Make sure that you are frequently deleting the junk files of your system.

  • Keep updating the available version of the QuickBooks desktop.

  • Create a backup of your data.

Troubleshooting Method of QuickBooks Error 1402

After learning all the necessary points of error 1402, now is perfect when you should move ahead with the resolution of the QuickBooks error 1402. The solutions given below are very easy to perform and effective. However, if you do not want to perform the solutions on your own then try to take professional guidance.

Solution 1: Download, Install, and Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Download. The tool is one of the most helpful software that allows users to resolve issues of any kind.

  1. If you are using QuickBooks software, then it is necessary to close the software first.

  2. Then go to the official website of the Inuit QuickBooks and download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  3. Wait until the downloading is not completed. After downloading, look for the downloaded file and click on it to open.

  4. The above steps will lead you to the installation process. Follow the on-screen steps and agree to the terms and conditions.

  5. Click on the QuickBooks icon and open the Tool Hub application.

  6. Now open the software and choose the installation problem.

  7. Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub and let it resolve the error from your system.



  1. From the official website of Intuit QuickBooks, download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.

  2. Shut down all the software.

  3. Now try to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and wait for some time until it finds out the problem and resolves it from your system.

  4. After completing the process, restart the PC.

Solution 2: Reinstall QuickBooks 

  1. Go to the Start button and look for the option Control Panel.

  2. Open the Control Panel and hit the button of Programs and Features.

  3. Click on the choice Add or Remove Program.

  4. Look for the QuickBooks software and click on it.

  5. Tap the options Uninstall.

Solution 3: Use the Selective Startup Mode

Ensure that you are using the selective startup to resolve the error code 1402 QuickBooks. Follow the steps below:

  1. Preparing for the Data

  • First of all, create a backup of the company file.

  • Keep reading the Product and Licence credential of the QuickBooks with you.

  1. Use the Computer in Selective Mode

  • Press the keys of Window + R to open the Run.

  • Then in the search box, type msconfig.

  • Select the OK button.

  • Select the choice Selective Startup and go for the option Load System Services.

  • After successfully following the above step, go to the Service choice and select the button Hide all Microsoft Services.

  • Hit the tab Disable all.

  1. Uncheck the option Hide all Microsoft Services Checkbox

  • Make sure that you have marked the check box from the list of the services.

  • Select the OK window.

  • Lastly, choose the configuration of the system.

  1. Uninstall or Install the software QuickBooks.

  2. Change the settings to Normal Startup Mode

  • Again open the Run tab by pressing the Windows key + R together.

  • Type msconfig and hit the OK option.

  • Go to the general tab and tap the Normal setup.

  • Select the OK button.

  • Choose Restart.

Final Words!

QuickBooks Error 1402 can be very stubborn sometimes. So it is important to have a keen knowledge of the error before performing the troubleshooting solution. While performing the steps, it is important to carefully go through each of the steps. In case, you are still getting the error then try to get some professional support. You can reach them through the helpline number. To access the support number visit the official website of the Inuit QuickBooks. The support team is available 24 X 7 to help the users anytime in need. Hopefully, the article was informative and helpful to you. If you liked the blog then spread it within your circle. Let us know which one of the methods helped you to get rid of the error. If you have any other solution other than that comment it on the comment section, we would love to enhance our knowledge.


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