Netgear EX6400 Setup: Let’s Help You Make Your Device Workable!

If you have purchased Netgear EX6400 extender and looking to perform the setup of the WiFi device, then this post will give you a nudge on Netgear EX6400 Setup.

You might be knowing the fact that Netgear extenders help in expanding the WiFi network range in an attempt to take your internet experience to the next level. If you want to play games, surf the web, and stream videos from any corner in your home, then first you need to effectively configure your Netgear range-extending device.

Netgear EX6400 Extender Setup Instructions

Though users are presented with a manual at the time of buying any Netgear extender which covers comprehensive information on how to make the device effective, users still find the process of Netgear EX6400 setup a bit complex. If you are also facing issues while doing the setup of your Netgear device or are not acquainted with the installation process, then going through the procedures below can help.

Netgear EX6400 WiFi Range Extender – Set Up Guide

At the time of buying Netgear EX6400 WiFi range extender, you might have received Netgear EX6400 manual comprising all the info about the WiFi device. To make the device operational, there are two different methods that can be castoff by users as per their suitability. The first method is to use Netgear Installation Assistant and the latter one is using the WPS method.

Netgear EX6400 Setup Using Web GUI

  • Plug in your Netgear EX6400 range extender in the similar room where you have already organised your WiFi router.

  • Power up the WiFi device and wait until the power LED on the extender turns green.

  • Now, get access to your PC and open your favourite web browser.

  • Once done, access mywifiext.

  • Click the Enter button and you will land on login page of Netgear EX6400 extender.

  • Reaching here, you will be asked to enter the default credentials for reaching the Netgear Genie Setup wizard.

  • Fill the specifics and click the Continue button to progress further.

  • From the list of offered networks, you are recommended to pick the one you wish your Netgear EX6400 extender to connect with and then select the Next option.

  • Follow the on-screen notices till you complete the process of Netgear EX6400 range extender setup using web GUI.

Now, as the setup of your Netgear EX6400 extender is done, you are free to connect as many client devices as you want with the comprehensive WiFi network. Afore that, move your extender to the area wherever you are fronting freckled internet connectivity or short WiFi signals. While relocating Netgear EX6400, keep in mind that the new area you choose for the device must be in the range of your WiFi router. Going on further, let’s now make you aware of another method to execute Netgear Extender Setup.

Netgear EX6400 Extender Setup Using WPS Method

Netgear EX6400 also supports WPS technology, as a result you can configure your range extender with the hit of a button. Here’s how to configure Netgear EX6400 WiFi extender.

  • Make sure to keep both your WiFi router and Netgear EX6400 extender in the same room.

  • Plug in your Netgear EX6400 and turn it on.

  • Wait till you see the Power light on your device lit green.

  • Now, locate the WPS button on your Netgear EX6400 extender.

  • Next, locate the WPS button on your existing router and hit it.

Your Netgear EX6400 setup is complete. You are all set to jerk using internet anywhere you want in your house. Just in case you face any difficulties while installing your Netgear EX6400 range extender while performing any of the methods itemised above, consider getting assistance from expert technicians.

Additional Tips to Make Netgear EX6400 Setup a Success

  • Prior to starting the setup procedure of Netgear EX6400 Range Extender, update your web browser to the latest version as well as remove cache, cookies, and browsing history from it.

  • At the time of connecting your WiFi devices, confirm all the wired connections. There should not be an unsteady connection.

  • Make sure your Netgear EX6400 range extender, router, modem, and PC are getting ample power supply.

  • Access Netgear EX6400 manual to check the default credentials of your range extender.

  • Keep your Netgear EX6400 extender away from things/obstructions that can lead towards signal interruption.

Our guide on the Netgear EX6400 setup ends here! We hope you celebrate the lag-free internet connection all over the place in your home.


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