not working?

The following blog provides instructions to fix “ not working” and

Netgear Extender Won't Connect to Router” issue after the WiFi extender has been set up and placed to another position.

What You Will Find in the Blog

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  • The reason that explain- Why Netgear extender won't connect to router?

  • Solution- Troubleshooting connectivity problem with your Netgear extender

  • Steps on how to connect, if Netgear extender won't connect to mywifiext.

  • Solution: When you can't connect to Internet with Netgear WiFi range extender.

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Netgear Extender won't Connect to Router. Why?

When your Netgear extender not connecting to router, then either the problem is with your WiFi extender, router or the device you are using like the computer, laptop, or smartphone. So, diagnose all the connected hardware devices and find the intruder that need to be fixed.

Is WiFi Extender or Home Router Causing the Problem?

  • Most probably, it's your main home wireless router only that creates the issue because the device is not correctly configured during setup.

  • Additionally, incomplete Netgear WiFi extender installation will also give you an extended network without Internet connectivity and not working issue is faced by you.

  • Faulty WiFi extender's software or hardware can be another reason that might trigger Netgear extender not connecting to router.

  • Another than this can be 'Orange light on the Netgear range extender'. If there is any-consider it as a sign for Netgear extender won't connect to router.

  • Loose wired or weak wireless connectivity, signal interference of other electronic or radio devices, and placing the device in the dead zone are some of the major reasons that stop wireless range extender to connect to the router.

 Is Your Netgear Extender not Connecting to Router?

If still, your Netgear extender won't connect to router then, check out the following measures:

  • Visit mywifiext local web page, check the WiFi extender update information, and check if it's up-to-date or not? In case, it is not up-to-date, then you know come to know why Netgear extender not working properly. Try to update the extender firmware version.

  • Poor to no connection status of wireless network adapter can be another reason behind wireless Netgear extender not connecting to router.

  • Ensure that your home WiFi router is malware free. Sometimes, they are the cause of blocking the Netgear WiFi extender pathway.

  • Your distance from Netgear WiFi extender to the router, caches, cookies, and activated pop-up blockers are some of the other facts for WiFi extender not connecting to the router.

Troubleshooting Netgear Extender Won't Connect to Router 

With no more chew of the fat, let's fix the Netgear WiFi extender connectivity issue with the router.

Important Note: Before you start to fix Netgear extender not connecting to the router issue, ensure you have a healthy working status of your home WiFi router, modem, and PC.

Keep your WiFi range extender and the wireless router away from radio waves transmitting and wireless signal distorting devices or materials. For example, televisions, radios, microwaves, mirrors, fish tanks, Bluetooth devices, etc.

For strong network signals, it is recommend to mount Netgear extender 1-3 feet away to the home router.

Guide: How to fix Netgear extender Connected to Router but No Internet?

  • Check any loose plugins or connections.

  • Sometimes, reboot only fixes the major issues. So, try to reboot your computer, router and the Netgear WiFi extender.

  • If still, the error persists, visit login web page and check if the WiFi range extender is updated or not. If not, try to update the firmware.

  • Last but not the least, if you tried all the above solutions but still the problem is stubborn then reset your Netgear WiFi extender and reconfigure it again.

If you face any issue while performing the above-guided steps or struggling with some other Netgear extender issue, then get in touch with experts through via live chat support. Even you write to us.