Motorcycle Intercom System vs Bluetooth Headset: Which One is Better?

Are you a motorcyclist who wants to make calls in complete safety and comfort? Are you undecided whether to buy a Bluetooth headset or a motorcycle intercom system?


Do not be afraid, because in this article we will go into both choices, share their pros and cons, the way they are mounted, and much more so that you can have the information you need to make the right choice based on your riding needs and requirements.


Bluetooth headset vs motorcycle intercom

The main question you will be asking yourself if you have arrived at this article will be: which one to choose between a Bluetooth intercom for motorcycles and Bluetooth headsets? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two different devices? In this section we will try to help you find an answer and make the best choice for you.


Motorcycle helmet intercom systems

The motorcycle intercoms for motorcycles are the latest from a technological point of view and guarantee you can comfortably communicate with your passenger or other motorcycles.


Advantages of helmet intercom systems: The motorcycle intercom systems have several advantages including the possibility of being able to connect to different devices at the same time such as telephones and navigators, the ability to talk to several people, the ability to adjust the volume based on the speed or surrounding noise and the high signal range to be able to communicate between distant devices.


Disadvantages of helmet intercom systems: The cons of the motorcycle helmet intercom are mainly related to the motorcycle helmet weight that gains as a result of adding this device and to a battery life that is quite limited. On the other hand, the most recent models of intercom systems now guarantee autonomy ranging between 12 and 30 hours.


Bluetooth Headsets, their advantages and disadvantages

On the other side, bluetooth headsets can boast lower prices, reduced weight and absolute compatibility with any type of device. For its part, the Bluetooth headset has several limits that can not fail to annoy those who spend most of their time on the bike during a day. As a matter of fact, the Bluetooth headphones will force you to always and in any case to interact with the phone in order to carry out any action, whether it is answering or rejecting a call or playing a music video, etc.


On an intercom system, these actions will be greatly simplified because you will be able to interact directly with the buttons incorporated on the same that you have previously installed on your motorcycle helmet. What may make you prefer an intercom instead of a Bluetooth headset are certainly safety, ease of use and, of course, the quality of signal.


How to mount a motorcycle helmet intercom system

Assembling a motorcycle intercom is a very simple action that requires some attention, however. The intercom is applied to the helmet by using a clamp or a glued attachment.


The clamp must be widened and installed on the edge of the helmet and then tightened, but if this is not possible due to the limited space then we will use the glue attachment. It is advisable to install the intercom on the left side of the helmet so as not to be forced to leave the throttle to interact with it. Once the point where we are going to install the hook has been cleaned, which must be perfectly free of impurities, we can glue the support and install the intercom.


Mounting a motorcycle helmet intercom system on a modular helmet: In the event that we need to mount the intercom on a modular helmet, it’s advisable to use a boom microphone. First of all, you will need to remove the inside of the helmet, identify where to place the earphones and glue them. We should position the microphone in such a way that it is totally protected from wind turbulence.


Once these steps have been completed, the helmet interiors can be reinserted, being very careful to hide all the cables connected to the earphones and microphone.


It will be necessary to be careful that only the cable that will be connected directly to the intercom comes out of the motorcycle helmet. If we were working on a full-face helmet then it will be necessary to identify the internal area of ​​the helmet that corresponds to the ears to position the adhesive velcro of the headphones near the straps in order to install the speaker which will then be connected to the intercom. If you want to use a jet helmet, then the procedures to follow will be the same for the modular helmet, so you will need to place all the cables under the padding by extracting them from inside the helmet.


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