Important Facts for Business Hosting in Lahore That you Must

Business hosting is a web hosting plan that is running in a shared hosting environment. Business hosting packages provide an affordable solution for individuals or those entrepreneurs who are setting up their online businesses due to covid-19. You share the server's resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc.). That's why the cost of business hosting is drastically lower than Cloud Server Hosting or Dedicated Server.

The concept of Business Hosting in Lahore is becoming a significant trend. After covid-19 people prefer to start their online business, you being a business host, must have some knowledge about Business hosting in such a scenario. Here are some interesting facts about Business Hosting. Let's take a brief look!

                        Essential Facts for Business Hosting

Faster Speeds

It is a fact that many viewers leave a website if it's taking more than 3 seconds to load, which ultimately results in loss of customers and a reduction in sales. This is something no one being a business owner would want for online business owners in Pakistan; the most crucial thing is the loading speed of their websites. 

Business Hosting provides a solution with better page loading speeds than shared hosting in Pakistan, which will help you increase the protentional customer ratio on your website.

 Resource Sharing

As is the case with shared hosting, all hosting resources are shared among multiple users like CPU or RAM storage. To get a better website performance and more control over server resources, site hosts prefer Business hosting solutions. Business Hosting in Pakistan gives you an advantage over shared hosting since it provides its users with totally exclusive power without even sharing any CPU or RAM storage.

Access on Resources

The most significant benefit of Business Hosting is the access to resources it provides to the users. For example, Business hosting in Lahore provides high-speed websites and the capability to keep up and running during times of enormous traffic.

This is a superb fact about business hosting, which people usually do not know. Still, it is something people would want when they suddenly get tons of traffic on their website, and the website crashes quite often because of the shared hosting plan.

Pakchamp business hosting plans provide the following;

  • 15 GB Disk Space
  • Free domain /on yearly package
  • 20 emails account 
  • 05 databases
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • cPanel Linux
  • 24/7/365 Support

All the points mentioned above make Business hosting unique and more advantageous compared to other hosting plans. Only a few companies are offering Business Hosting in Pakistan, 'Pakchamp' is one of them. Pakchamp offering valued Business hosting deal to its customers with best Business Hosting in Lahore plans that you will not experience before. We enable our customers or online business owners to access more resources, power, and speeds without spending much money.


Suppose you are a business owner and you don't have time to manage your website hosting. If you need such a hosting environment that supports your Business, choose Business hosting in Pakistan to secure your online business. The above-stated facts are a plus point of business hosting. So, get Business hosting to upgrade your business adventure and increase your revenue for online Business.


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