How to Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is an essential driving force of internet business growth. It increases your search rankings, which in turn creates more traffic. More traffic allows you to test various advertising techniques, enhance search engine ranking, gather audience statistics and, perhaps the most valuable advantage, gain more clients. And all these advantages translate into more profits and more business.

How to increase website traffic?

One way is to make sure you have the right keywords in the right places on your tech news website. Google and other search engines use algorithms to determine where your site is placed in search results. The higher your keywords appear, the more likely they are that someone will click on them when they perform a search. However, you cannot afford to buy clicks – these come at a cost.

Use Online Directories

The second way to boost your traffic is to use popular online directories. Directories are similar to big yellow pages in a way that anyone can submit and publish a website – although with online directories, you must be certain to provide proper “outlet” names so you will be seen in search results by real people. These directories allow anyone to list their website and allow other people to browse them. This is one way how to increase website traffic without a financial investment.

Use Sponsored Links

Thirdly, there are some effective strategies that can help you increase traffic to your website without paying for anything in particular. When people are searching for information about a product or service, they do not like to read long ads. They want information now. Ad placement in search results – commonly known as sponsored links – enables the advertiser to place an ad that appears at the very top or sides of search results, thereby providing them with instant free advertising. You can take advantage of this for your own website traffic increase.

Use Social Media Platforms

Also, you can use sites like Facebook or Twitter to send out content to your contacts, which can also be helpful when it comes to website traffic increase. Some of these websites, such as Facebook, allow you to sign up as an “influencer” and the company can track your activities, and in return, offer you advertising space. An influencer can also be a great source for link-building: you can give away free content, for example, and have people post your content on their sites, or comment on it. This is what’s known as content marketing.

Comment Posting

Lastly, and most importantly, there are social media websites – or, more accurately, social media websites that allow you to connect and interact with your audience. For example, you can set up Facebook applications that will allow people who have Facebook accounts to post to your landing pages, or to comment on your blog posts. These sites allow you to create direct contact with your audience and are definitely worth taking full advantage of. By using these social media sites as a means of website traffic increase, you will be able to create meaningful relationships with a large number of people. They’ll also be more likely to share your content with their friends, which will lead to increased website traffic.