How To Select The Right Child Voice Actor For Your Product Commercial?

When we listen to a product commercial, we ascertain or rate the brand with the quality of the commercial. What speaks about the quality of the commercial? Sound quality, script, voice actor?


There is no doubt all three things above are important but most important is the skill of a voice actor. The voice actor himself can lead the commercial rating upward even with a below-average script. Now, if we talk about product commercials, what is their relevance? We all know that product commercials build up a unique space for a product in the market with its offers & highlighted features. So, it is simply logical mathematics that voice actor skills can create a unique space for a product in the market.

If we talk about child voice artists, we need to accept that today voice acting is not the mere world of adults, but there is a demand for genuine child voice actors in many scenarios. Another truth is few voice actors master themselves in the role of child's voice over. Appointing kids as child voice actor comes with its own set of merits and demerits. Child artists may sound natural, energetic which may also be done with experienced adults mastering child voice over. They can be inexperienced, unprofessional as they have study pressure too, also with puberty their voice usually changes.

So, the selection of a child as a child voice actor is just a matter of choice; higher motives should be to make successful product commercials. If you are also looking forward to selecting a professional child voice actor for commercial, let us discuss the criteria that can help you choose a child voice actor for your product commercial.


  • The voice should be energetic and should not sound mature

 Voice of the actor may be versatile, professional, and skilled for voice acting, but to match up the role of a child, the voice should be energetic like a child and should not sound mature. A solution to this is not hiring a child in all cases, as a naïve child artist may not sound good during recording. Voice quality and modulation skills both should match up the character in the commercial.


  • Test the voice of an actor in different child emotions

If you are auditioning an adult, it becomes essential to test his voice as a child voice actor in the different emotions of a child. If you are auditioning a child for a child voice actor, it is also essential to thoroughly test their skills. So, it's important to add emotion testing to the checklist. Try to record the voice and repeatedly listen to judge the impact that voice will leave on the audience.


  • Always prefer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the discussion

When you discuss your project with the voice actors, you may end up discussing crucial launch or project information about the product with them even before hiring them. If you are working on some crucial product information, it is advisable to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the voice over agency at such stage.


  • Shortlisted a child as a child voice actor – do background check

If the list of shortlisted candidates has a child, then do a background study of the child's school schedule, classes, and other projects on hand to ensure how much time he/she can devote to your project. Ensure if he/she will be available when required for further auditions, recording, or subsequent changes. If you finalize a child, make sure you agree with his parents or legal guardian to make the agreement enforceable. 


  • Always approach professional agencies

Though placed at the last, it should be the first point in mind when hiring a child voice actor. Professional voice over recording agencies have their agreements with their voice actors and relieve you from legal formalities to some extent. They save your time auditioning amateur actors. They shortlist candidates for auditioning after a detailed project discussion and your requirement.


If you are also looking forward to creating an impactful product commercial to give a steep rise to your product market share and want to finalize a professional and skilled child voice actor, then you can logon to Voyapp – India’s largest voice over marketplace hosting thousands of professional voice actors from across the globe.  


We have an expert team of voice-acting enthusiasts having a large collaboration with various professional and versatile child voice actors. We ensure to provide a hassle-free solution for all your voice over need. Our artists are experienced and highly skilled who can take care of your commercial and ensure its success while focusing on your product.

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