How To Replace iPhone XR Display Screen Tips and Trick

The iPhone XR is known to be one of the more modified and lower-cost versions of the iPhone X. Its display has round corners with an edge-to-edge screen that support a beautiful curved design. The phone does not have an OLED screen, which leaves nothing but a screen that is utterly satisfying to the eye. But with all its plus points, the main shortcoming is that one accidental slip from the hand can result in numerous cracks across the screen. Not only might that but, your iPhone XR requires a screen repair for various reasons. You might have put weight on it or accidentally hit it against a hard place. All this damage hinders any usage of your phone afterward. After much contemplation, you find yourself googling how to replace your iPhone XR screen. But, with such increased costs, you are confused if you should do it yourself or get an expert's help. 

With the authentic parts from Esource, you can take care of the screen quickly. Follow these tips and tricks, and you can repair the screen of your iPhone XR promptly!

What Should You Use To Replace The iPhone XR Screen?

The first question that pops in your mind when you are replacing the screen of your iPhone XR is what tools to use. You have to purchase the replacement screen and some tools online beforehand for this procedure. Following are the tools you should use:

  1. Pentalobe Screwdriver: This screwdriver is quite famous when it comes to Apple products. It is an advanced version of a Torx screwdriver, but it has a pentagon-shaped top. The pentalobe screwdriver is your secret tool to get inside of the iPhone XR screen. There are two pentalobe screws adjacent to both sides of the charging port, which can be screwed open with this screwdriver. 

  2. Magnetic Mat: This particular equipment might be the most crucial of all. You need a magnetic mat to place on your screws according to their usage. You are tackling the replacement on your own, and with the assistance of this mat, you can make sure the correct screw goes into its original position. If not, you might damage the internal hardwiring of the screen of your iPhone XR. In the scenario where you lose any of the screws, you can visit the Esource website and get a screw set that is compatible with this phone at a very reasonable price.

  3. Hairdryer: You can use a hairdryer to induce heat on the corners of the phone. This process will immensely help to loosen up the waterproof adhesive for you can get the screen out. If you prefer to take the easy way out, the Esource website offers a replacement for display digitizer frames with adhesive sticker tape. While repairing your iPhone XR display, using this adhesive will secure the LCD screen of the device. The sticker tape is pre-cut, which will save you time during the repair. 

You will also require a Philips screwdriver for the internal working, a pick, and a suction clip to separate the screen from its body, plus a spudger to glue back the parts you removed in this process. 

Some Things To Keep In Mind While Repairing Your Phone

  • Repairing your iPhone XR display can be a risky task. Even though you can do it yourself, you should find a professional instead. When you try fixing up the phone yourself, you may end up violating the seals covered in your warranty. You will lose the choice of having your phone fixed by an Apple authorized store or send it back to Apple for any repairs. 

  • If this route does not work for you, you can find tons of third-party services that can repair your phone. A third-party repair service will take lesser time, and you will not have to worry because the charges will not be too much, and you can be there while the phone is getting fixed.

  • It will be far less expensive for you to use a technician's help for this rather than restore the display yourself or send it to Apple. Moreover, you can try fixing your phone display yourself if you do not want to spend a little money. You can easily follow a guided website or a video tutorial. Likewise, you can search up the different rules required to fix it yourself and the step-by-step process of dismantling the phone. 

  • There has been a common misconception that getting your iPhone XR screen fixed from a third-party takes away the original warranty. Here, at Esource parts, the repair is done with such precision that if the damage on your has not nullified the warranty, it will surely stay intact. 

Final Words

Esource Parts is one of the best screen repair services you can find in Canada. In case the screen of your iPhone XR is damaged, you can send it to them for repair. Just make sure you have all data backed up, you have noted your IMEI down, removed your SIM card, and performed a factory reset before giving it in for iPhone XR screen repair. 


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