How to Increase Brand Awareness by Social Media Marketing?

The idea of leveraging social media as a brand-building tool is hardly new. Social media has been around long enough for even local businesses to recognize the value of having a social media presence. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram use complex algorithms and audience segmentation techniques to help advertisers reach targeted audiences. This is a crucial method that enables large service providers like Cox internet plans to continue to add new customers despite a saturated market.

However, despite having a social media presence, most businesses fail to get the visibility and brand engagement they want. It is not enough to just generate and post content several times a week and hope for the best. Today, content marketing is only successful if the content is seen and engaged with by the right audience. If not, your ideal outcomes (a sale, lead, or conversion) will see a marked decline. But don’t worry, here is a cheat sheet that you can use to start tweaking your social media strategy today.

Find the Platforms Most Used By Your Audience

The very first step in a branding-focused social media strategy is identifying the social media channels that offer the most value. For the purposes of branding, this value usually means the relevant audience or target demographics that form your ideal customer persona. Social media platforms that attract the most people belonging to your target persona are the ones you need to focus on the most. In other words, you need to make sure you are present on platforms that your customers are most likely to use. 

Keep a Precise and Manageable Number of Profiles

The second step is the opposite of the first one. It’s not just about adding new platforms based on your audience behaviour and demographic. It is also about pruning away platforms that aren’t as relevant to your needs. Moreover, social media branding is likely not your only responsibility. Most executives simply don’t have the time to dedicate a significant chunk just to crafting and posting social media updates. This only makes it that much more important to have a precise and manageable social media presence. Platforms that don’t offer as much value are simply a drain on your resources and should be discarded. 

Include More Visual Content as Opposed to Text

A big reason why you may be seeing stagnation in your brand growth may lie in the type of content you post. Text content is great, especially when the copy is engaging and emotionally resonant. But with shrinking attention span and increased scrolling times, people have stopped paying attention to posts with too much text. Visuals like photos, gifs, animations, or even videos, on the other hand, have consistently proven to be more engaging than text alone. Experiment with more visuals and less text, challenging your creative workers to come up with the best copy and design possible for each post. Just be sure to maintain a consistent brand tone with each post.

Deliver Personalized Interactions Instead of Broadcasts

Broadcasting witty statuses, sales, or just banter with other brands is a great way to gain Twitter followers and shares. But in most cases, it offers no value in terms of conversions or branding, other than getting you a large number of shares. Very few of the ones sharing these posts are actually going to turn into long-term repeat customers. On the other hand, personalized and conversational engagement with your audience is much more likely to get you new and lasting customers. In a sea of homogenous brands and products, customer experience is a key differentiating factor. So make sure the one you offer on social media is on par with modern consumer expectations.

Stay On Top of Trends and Adjust To Them

Trends come and go pretty fast, but they can still offer useful (if irregular) opportunities that you can leverage to meet your branding goals. Thanks to social media sharing and a number of other factors, posts can quickly become viral or spread like wildfire. It could be the latest social media trend, a political event, or even just a cute kitten video that everyone is going crazy over. There’s really no sure way to identify a viral video, simply because social media users behave very erratically in terms of what they like and share. But if you see a post that is already getting likes and shares, you can churn out a series of social media posts that piggyback on its viral popularity. Social listening comes in extremely handy when identifying potential trends to capitalize on right from the get-go.


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