How to Avoid MacBook Battery Swelling?

It’s everyone's dream to buy a MacBook as it is one of the most popular and finest gadgets of Apple Inc. In fact, 71% of college students prefer using MacBook for their studies. That’s why; you need to take extra care of this posh device to keep it running for a longer time. According to a research study by Statista, In the 2019 financial year, Apple reported 260.17 billion U.S. dollars in revenues, compared to eight billion U.S. dollars in 2004. Interestingly, Apple earned global revenue of $5.4 million by selling its MacBook computers worldwide. It clearly shows that Apple’s products are getting popular with each passing day.

Undoubtedly, Apple Inc uses genuine parts, but MacBook can experience some significant and minor glitches. For this, you need to consider MacBook Repair Philippines services because fixing your expensive device on your own is risky.

Indeed MacBook guarantees long-lasting performance, but Swollen Battery is one of the most common problems with MacBook batteries these days.

But, before we highlight the critical causes of swollen batteries, let us introduce some common problems with MacBook.

Don't worry; we will provide you with practical solutions to enhance the speed and performance of your lush device.

Common Issues with MacBook

Here's the list of some notable MacBook issues with their possible solution.

  • MacBook Doesn’t Turn On Quickly: Generally, your MacBook stops turning on quickly due to endless reasons. If you think you can't figure out such issues, it's better to seek professional help. Choose the finest and well-reputed MacBook repair center in the Philippines and let the expert technicians repair your device in no time.
  • RAM Issue: Another common issue with a great solution. Usually, this problem starts due to faulty RAM or when your RAM fails to reboot quickly. In this case, it is suggested to access the RAM slots and check whether your RAM is installed correctly or not.
  • Motherboard Problem: A problematic motherboard makes it challenging for you to turn on your device quickly. The best solution to this problem is to replace your motherboard before it causes some other glitches and malfunctions.
  • Problematic Power Adapter: The formidable power adapter drains your system's battery real quickly. So, change or replace the power adapter before it ruins your MacBook.
  • Dead Battery: MacBook is famous for its long-lasting battery timings, but what causes dead battery? In general, the perfect way to resolve this issue is to buy a new battery. However, always buy batteries and other Apple parts from a licensed and certified Apple Repair Shop. Please, don't compromise on the quality standards if you don't want to waste your money.

How to Avoid MacBook Swollen Battery?

Let’s come back to our original discussion.

We were more concerned about swollen batteries, as it usually happens when you keep your MacBook in an over-heated environment. Or, sometimes, the problem starts when your battery starts getting older.

Significant Reasons for MacBook Swollen Battery

We have unveiled some primary reasons for you.

  • Sometimes, a small amount of gas generates inside the battery while charging and discharging it. This generated gas inside the battery makes it swell.
  • The bulging appearance of a battery indicates that there is something wrong with it. For instance, the high voltage and current can overheat and deformed the battery.
  • Correctly check if there is any protective plate inside the battery or not. The unavailability of a protective plate may perturb the distribution of positive and negative and makes them intricate.
  • Some other reasons, including electrolyte leakage and battery impurities, could be the real culprit. Such reasons can make your battery look swelled.
  • Using a battery for more extended time swells it, and it should be discarded in the first place.

Once you have determined that your MacBook battery is swollen, think about repairing and replacing it before it's too late.

The Ultimate Guide to Avoid MacBook Battery Swelling

Follow this most straightforward guideline if you want to protect your MacBook’s battery for quite longer.

  • Do you know overeating causes stomach infections and other health-related problems? Similarly, charging your laptop after its fully charged can ruin its battery. So, safely remove the power adapter once your MacBook is fully charged.
  • If you are going on long vacations and don't want to use your MacBook, safely remove its battery and store it securely.
  • Try to keep your battery cool. Don't use your MacBook for an extended period. Please give it some rest for better performance.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to avoid using your laptop on a fabric surface because this act can damage your MacBook battery.

Prevention Is Better Than Repenting! Agreed?

No one wants to cry over spilt milk. That’s why; it is suggested to take the discussion mentioned above seriously and protect your expensive and classy MacBook.

Always opt for the licensed and certified MacBook repair center in the Philippines to avoid any inconvenience.


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