How do I create a hybrid product launch plan?

Product launch events are a crucial part of any business or brand to showcase their latest offerings to investors, influencers, and audiences. After indulging into months of hardship on the final product, your product gets prepared to launch in the market. Product launch events are organised to generate buzz and excitement across the latest offerings & help push the initial sales. Almost all brands, organise flashy and exciting product launches to promote the latest product offering. The motive of a product launch is to make the new product slide into the minds of the potential target attendees.

Hybrid Virtual Product Launch

Coronavirus halted all events involving large gatherings. Strict guidelines have been imposed to ensure health safety. Leveraging virtual event technology is the only suitable option left with businesses and organisations to keep their work running. Today, brands and organisations have moved from offline events to having regular online events. No doubt virtual events have spiked up exuberantly in the year 2020 and provide endless opportunities to people. A diverse range of virtual event platforms and software are available in the market to choose one depending on the requirements of your business. Going with the platform that offers interactive and engaging functionality along with the ability to set up a customisable virtual booth is the best bet. Right from organising exhibitions, trade shows, virtual product launch, virtual conferences, etc. a comprehensive virtual event platform serves you all.

As we move forward with time, many event planners realised in the past couple of months that candid interactions hold their own significance. 2020 was a year of virtual events but according to our prediction this year of 2021 will be the year of hybrid events. It is an amalgamation of both physical and virtual events. Hybrid events enable you to bring the best of both the event worlds together in the similar frame. As lockdown restrictions loosened, hybrid events have become the talk of the town.

Just like any other event, hybrid virtual product launches are hosted at a physical venue alongside virtual event software. It offers the flexibility to attendees to be present at an event either physically or virtually from wherever they are located remotely. Recently, many big brands like johnsons & johnsons, Apple, etc. have leveraged online product launching to display the latest releases. In this post, we have enlisted some important steps to host an impressive and engaging hybrid product launch. Let’s get started!

Steps to Plan a Successful Hybrid Product Launch:

  • Decide the reason behind hosting the event

The first and the utmost important part before hosting any hybrid event is defining the purpose of organising online product launching. Whether you are launching an entirely new brand with a new product or releasing a new product for an existing brand. If your brand is known to your audience, your focus should be on promoting the product and collecting revenue. If your brand is new, you are required to make your attendees aware of the brand by analysing and working on your brand awareness strategy. Once you decide the theme and your goal of the event, an effective creative strategy can be made.

  • Create a game plan

Once you figure out the purpose of organising a product launch, initiate an effective game plan. Know your target attendees, what are their likes and dislikes, and what summon their interest to manage the virtual product launch accordingly. Always plan initially whether you want your hybrid events to be gated which can be accessed by only registered attendees or it should be free. Additionally, plan whether you want your event to be on-demand or live or or both for online attendees. Track down these doubts to ensure an effective virtual event strategy.

  • Select the right technology

Choosing the correct virtual event platform or software is vital to ensure you host a successful hybrid virtual product launch. Technology plays a major role in hybrid online product launching events. As hybrid events divide the audiences into two parts i.e. online and on-ground, the task becomes even more important. The hybrid product launch should keep all attendees, virtual or otherwise engaged in the event.

Physical attendees are surrounded by other individuals whereas virtual ones access the event from their personal space. Looking at the screen for longer hours is not as stimulating as being present in the physical events. Look out for a platform that offers unique, engaging and interactive features to keep attendees involved throughout the event. Select the platform that has the ability to customise your dynamics suitable to the brand image the same as in-person booths. Virtual booths enable remote audiences to interact with the booth representatives in real-time via live video/audio chat functionality. The right platform offers an insightful report of every digital audience footprint, which helps measure the performance metrics. Track easily your attendees actions by choosing the right tech tools to deliver a successful hybrid virtual product launch.

  • Keep the event engaging and entertaining

Keep the virtual product launching event intriguing by including surveys, live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, chat rooms amid events. This helps in maximizing attendance and engagement by enabling them to participate in the same. You can introduce brand-new games such as spin the wheel or quizzes revolving around your event theme to induce an element of fun. Providing virtual brand goodies to event prospects can be one of the brilliant moves to keep them engaged and give them a chance to feel valued by the brand. You can even go with virtual photo booths that offer virtual attendees to get clicked with branded frames. However, it results in promoting brand awareness and making your latest release reach individuals in the most memorable and valuable way.

  • Market your product launch right

Promoting and marketing an event decides the overall success of the event. Before hosting an event ensure you start promoting your event over important social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, direct mails, public relations, and so on to make your attendees aware of the upcoming product launch. It is a must-do thing to increase the attendance at your hybrid product launch and reach millions.

  • Do not forget to follow-up

Lastly, do not forget to send a follow-up email survey to your audience. Ask them what they liked and thoroughly enjoyed at the event and whatnot. It helps in getting you more qualified leads. Apart from it, it helps the planner know their mistakes to look upon for the future event.

Over to you

All in all, hybrid product launch enables you to go beyond what’s possible with traditional launches. You can create your product exactly the way you desire in the virtual world. A hybrid product launch provides you with a great opportunity to take a close look at the product and understand the core selling points and market your message perfectly! Make sure you put together a fantastic product launch that can create waves.