How can you Troubleshoot Avast Server Errors

Avast antivirus is an anti-malware program developed and distributed by Symantec. Avast has provided excellent security from dangerous viruses since 1991. But with increasing threats; Avast has also increased its security tools and now Avast offers security from not only viruses but also other malware threats like spyware, Trojan horses, adware, worms, ransomware, etc. Avast allows you to access all the advanced features of this antivirus so your device can be fully protected from Avast Free Disable Pop ups.

Avast provides various types of scanning processes like system scan, quick scan, drive scan, etc. You can also schedule your scans in Avast antivirus. Avast antivirus also provides real-time scanning and zero-day protection which ensures that Avast is protecting your device from every deadly and new threat. Avast antivirus is a reliable antivirus that merely faces any issues. But there are few common Avast issues that are faced by some Avast users. Many people have reported Avast server errors.

Causes of Avast Server Errors:

  • Your Avast antivirus is not installed properly
  • Windows files get corrupted
  • You have made some changes to your firewall settings
  • Some malicious program is causing a connection error
  • Avast antivirus is conflicting with another program

Solutions for fixing Avast server errors:

Use the Avast fix tool

Avast antivirus provides a Fix tool that can resolve all common Avast issues easily. So, before seeking other solutions; try using the Avast fix tool. Follow the steps mentioned below for installing and using the Avast fix tool:

  • Open your computer and search for the Avast fix tool in your web browser
  • Go to the results and download the Avast fix tool
  • Save the setup file on Windows desktop
  • Now double-click the file to run
  • Usage agreement page will appear on the screen
  • Read the agreement and click on the agree button
  • If your device asks you to download the latest version of the .net tool then download it and restart your computer

Now run the tool and follow all the on-screen commands and then check whether Avast server errors get fixed or not.

Restore your corrupted files

If the Windows files get corrupted due to any reason then you may see various errors. So, you should fix all your Windows files to resolve your server error

  • If you are using Windows 7 device then go to the start menu and type the command in the bar
  • Press the Enter button and a permission dialog box will appear
  • Click on the Yes button
  • Windows command prompt will appear on the screen
  • Type sfc/scannow in Windows command prompt
  • Press the Enter button
  • Windows File Checker tool will appear on the screen

Click on the tool to run and then the file checker will start scanning your Windows files. If any file is corrupted then the tool will fix it immediately. The tool will take some time to scan all the files on your computer. The Windows checker tool will show you some results. Now restart your Windows PC to check whether your Avast error gets troubleshot or not.

Check your firewall

If you are getting the server error after making changes on your firewall then undo the changes immediately. Sometimes your firewall determines the safe network as malicious and blocks it. Go to your firewall settings and check which icon is causing the error. Reset your firewall settings and then try to connect to the Avast server. You can also use the system restore tool for undoing the recent changes. Here are the steps for using the System restore tool:

  • Open the Windows device and click on the start button
  • Type System Restore in the Windows search bar

Click on the system restore tool to run. Follow the on-screen commands for creating the restoring point. Once complete, restart your computer and then check for errors. Make sure your internet is running smoothly because the poor internet connection is one of the main causes of server connection error. Check your connection speed and then try to access the Avast server.

Reinstall Avast Antivirus

If you are suspecting any kind of issue on Avast program files or settings then reinstalling Avast antivirus can be very helpful. Use Avast remove and reinstall tool for reinstalling Avast antivirus. Download the Remove and Reinstall tool and click on the NRnR icon. A license agreement page will appear on the screen. Now read the license agreement carefully and then hit the Agree button. Tap on the Remove and reinstall button. Hit the Continue button and then tap on the restart now button. Once your computer restarts, follow all the on-screen commands for reinstalling Avast antivirus.


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