How can You Save Your Apple Phone from Water Damage?

Dropping your iPhone in the water seems like a nightmare. But you can save your Apple phone without any trouble, only with one smart act. Well, new generation iPhones are water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. And we can see lots of iPhone users from liquid damage. After a smashed screen, water damage becomes the second most common problem for iPhone users. 

Have you faced the same problem or want to prevent water damage to your phone? Then don’t worry you can contact your nearby apple iPhone repair center or also do it on your own. Here are few tips, just read on and try to implement these solutions as soon as possible for faster results.

Things you shouldn't do after getting Apple Device of the Water

We can understand the heartbreaking moment when your apple device fell in the water. But, you don’t need to worry that how to recover your wet phone. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and follow the instructions that you shouldn’t do immediately.

1.       Don’t Try to Turn On, Keep It Switch Off

The most important thing that you should be careful about if your iPhone dropped in the water. It may happen that your device would switch off after being damaged by water. Here you need to keep calm and don’t try to switch on your phone manually. It may possible that water has reached inside the phone. So, possible chances are that it might cause more damage to your gadget.

2.       Try to Avoid Use of Blow Dry

Sometimes shortcuts can make the situation more terrible; so try to avoid the use of a blow dryer. A blow dryer may heat your device to intolerable degrees. It may be more disastrous to your Iphone’s hardware as a result. Otherwise, you can search for a nearby mobile repairing center to get doorstep services.

Steps to Fix Water Damaged Apple Phone Immediately

Indeed, we can’t go back in time but with little effort, we can prevent further damage. Here we have listed our best measures that surely will help you out from the tidy situation.

1.       Take Out the Sim Card

To protect your sim card from water damage, make sure that your phone is switched off. After ensuring this, remove the sim card from your device. For removing this you must use an authentic sim card removal clip. Along with leaving the sim card slot open.

2.       Wipeout with Tissue or Cotton Stuff

Wipe out the exterior of your phone with the help of cotton cloth or tissue paper. Also, remove the back cover of your phone. Instead of too much pressure, gently wipe your phone to minimize water. After wiping out keep your phone aside.

3.       Put your phone in a Dry Place

Let’s move to the next step to resolve your water damage problem. After wiping its exterior pay attention to the interior stuff. Be careful with every single step and place your apple phone in a warm and dry place. For example; you can keep your phone in the sunlight. Make sure that your device doesn’t expose too much sunlight.

4.       Use Silica gel Packet or Raw Rice to Dry It

One of the safest solutions to dry your wet phone is packets of silica gel. You can get these packets while buying an electronic device or can also purchase them from any major store. These packets have the quality to absorb moisture in a superior manner. Cover your phone with the packets of silica gel and let them absorb the water content. On the other hand, you can also place your Apple phone in a bowl of raw rice. This method is also very effective in absorbing moisture.

5.       Try to Dismantle It or Visit Your Nearby Apple Store

If nothing is working then dismantle your Apple device, this will be your last resort. If you can’t do it yourself then it is advised to take the help of a tech genius. Otherwise, visit your Apple store for a safer approach.


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