How can I deal with Malwarebytes Error 1068


Malwarebytes anti-malware is a security program for detecting and removing malware from the system. The antivirus can detect threats like viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms etc., at runtime. Malwarebytes is also known for eliminating PUPs from the device. But using Malwarebytes can also become troublesome as it may get into errors. The issues while running Malwarebytes can appear due to numerous reasons. Users can troubleshoot most of the Malwarebytes related errors manually.

Possible reasons for Malwarebytes error 1068:

  1. Third-party software is interrupting the scan

  2. Another antivirus is interrupting Malwarebytes

  3. Third-party software is conflicting with Malwarebytes antivirus

  4. The operating system of your device or Malwarebytes is outdated

  5. Temp files are creating error with Malwarebytes

Resolving Malwarebytes error 1068:

Disable another antivirus 

People often use another antivirus with Malwarebytes. You can use Malwarebytes with the primary security software without any conflicting error. But many times, users still face issues. When you install Malwarebytes, you have to make some changes to the settings according to another antivirus. You can’t use the same feature on both devices simultaneously. If you are using the malware scan on another antivirus, you need to disable it on Malwarebytes. Users often forget to make the changes, and the antivirus starts showing the error. If you are using Malwarebytes scan, then disable another antivirus, and then you can easily use Malwarebytes on your device without any error.

Update Malwarebytes antivirus and OS

Users often get error codes while running the program when the program is outdated. The outdated operating system can also get the Malwarebytes into error. Check the antivirus for a new update. Install your update so the antivirus can work easily. In case Malwarebytes won t update, then you should ask for professional help. Go to your computer and check the operating system. If the OS is outdated, then update it to the latest version. After updating OS and antivirus, restart the device and run Malwarebytes. 

Check your system files

When the system files get corrupted, many programs start showing the error codes. If you are facing errors with other installed programs also then check the system files. Your system files may get corrupted due to some virus or change in the settings. But never try to edit the system files manually. If you edit the system file incorrect, then your whole device may get into an error. Users can run the system file checker tool for restoring the error. Use the sfc/scannow command, and it will inspect the system files and fix the corrupted ones. After running the file checker tool, you can check the Malwarebytes error code 1068. 

Reinstall Malwarebytes setup

Error code on Malwarebytes can occur when a user has deleted some of the Malwarebytes program files mistakenly. Your antivirus will show issues due to the missing program files. The best method for troubleshooting the Malwarebytes related error is by reinstalling the setup. Open your computer and go to installed programs and click on Malwarebytes. Uninstall the setup from the computer and also delete all the Malwarebytes related files. Now open the web and install the setup immediately. Open the dashboard of Malwarebytes and scan the computer. 

Delete the junk 

Clean all the temporary files and system junk immediately. These files interrupt the Malwarebytes scanning. When you run the scan on your device, antivirus can’t detect whether these files are useful or not. Temp files store the data and can conflict with other programs. Delete all your unnecessary files from the system, and then you can use Malwarebytes without any error. You can delete the junk from your system by checking all the files or by running the cleanmgr. The cleanmgr is an inbuilt tool that can find the junk files and show you the list. You can check the list and see which files you want to delete.

Uninstall the conflicting software

Sometimes, the error code 1068 only appears when the user is running a particular program. The program may contain some malicious content that conflicts with your antivirus. Your antivirus is working perfectly, and the only error is in the program. Once a user removes the program from the system, the error will get automatically resolved. Conflicting programs are usually third-party software or free programs that carry adware etc. After uninstalling the program, run the scan for removing the malware and then use your device reliably.



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