Guide To Fix Common iPhone Problems

iPhone is one of the most loved mobile brands but it is at the end of the day an electronic device and thus has a pretty chance of running into issues. In today’s blog with respect to - apple screen repair,  we are going to discuss the most common issues faced by an iPhone and the possible solutions to it.

iPhone users face a wide variety of problems no matter what the situation is, people can possibly face problems whenever they update to new iOS or when you are transferring data from old to new iPhone, jailbreak, or if you are trying to launch any new app on your device. As we already discussed, an iPhone can have a variety of problems that may vary from hardware to software. Not just this the iPhone can have issues even due to some bug in iOS which is required to be fixed.

Now in this blog on apple screen repair we will move forward to the main point:-

  • iPhone White Screen: There may be numerous reasons for this issue to arise which may include a failed upgrade, jailbreak or hardware problem. To resolve this issue one must try restarting the device but if that doesn’t work then you can try hard resetting the device. If even this doesn’t come in handy then you can boot your iPhone in DFU or Device Firmware Upgrade.
  • Lost iPhone Data after Upgrade or Jailbreak: It has been commonly witnessed that while an iPhone jailbreak or while updating to a newer version users seem to lose iPhone videos, photos, contacts, and messages, etc for which the facility of backup in iCloud and iTunes can come to your rescue.
  • Water Damaged iPhone: In these pandemic situations where the majority of the people are working from home, there are pretty high chances that you or your kid might spill water on your iPhone. Water damage to your iPhone may or may not let it turn on which also puts your personal data in the iPhone at risk.
  • iPhone Battery Life Problems: The battery of the device running out faster than expected is one of the most commonly detected issues in iPhones. Problems like these arise commonly after an iPhone upgrade. The poor performance of the battery can be resolved by doing a factory reset or by managing the usage of the app which is also a prime reason for such issues.
  • iPhone Black Screen: this particular problem arises in these devices due to reasons like dropping the phone, water spilling, malware, updating an app, bad firmware, jailbreak, etc. To resolve this start by charging the device fully in order to fix any battery issue. If this problem still persists then you can restore the device to its factory settings via iTunes.
  • Overheating iPhone: Is your iPhone displaying messages like 'iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it?' then the probable reason behind it is that your device is getting hot to an extent of explosion hence in order to fix the issue of overheating take the device to a cooler environment, remove the case and stop using the mobile for some time.
  • iPhone Camera Roll Crash: this particular problem can result in the loss of hundreds of photos that you must have stored on your device. Due to this, the user is unable to perform any activity. In order to fix this issue, one can perform a factory setting to fix the Camera Roll crash. Although you must be wondering that a factory reset leads to complete loss of data, therefore, it is recommended to ensure a backup before fixing the Camera Roll.
  • iTunes Error 3194: This issue normally arises when trying to restore or upgrade your iPhone therefore the reason behind it may be the installation of the wrong firmware version and in order to fix this you need to make the required changes in the host files of the device. A factory reset could also be one possible solution.
  • Forgot iPhone Passcode or iPhone Disabled: One of the common problems is that people forget their iPhone passcode. In order to unlock the device, people make multiple attempts that result in the iPhone getting disabled. In order to fix this, you need to reset the device and set a new passcode. You can further erase the old passcode and restore your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud.

We hope that all the information that has been provided in the blog - apple screen repair, comes in handy to anyone struggling with the above issues. This blog has been prepared with the help of many types of research but we still recommend always consulting a technician before experimenting with your device as by taking a risk without having sound knowledge of the issue you are likely to damage your device further. Hence, to avoid any further damage make a wise decision.