Do You Need BigCommerce SEO in Order to Grow Your Business?

Growing your online business takes serious dedication, a vision, awesome products, and the right digital marketing. Your BigCommerce store might look the part and be backed by a strong vision for the future, but if you don’t market it correctly, no one will find your products.

BigCommerce SEO will be needed in order to get your store in front of more eyes and help you build the necessary authority to compete at the highest levels. If your store is built on BigCommerce and you are looking for the best possible way to grow over the long term, search engine optimization is a must.

Here are some things to consider as you build an effective digital marketing campaign centered around eCommerce SEO.


BigCommerce SEO Will Get You More Traffic and Sales

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. You need more organic traffic and sales if you are going to grow your online business and expand your presence. There’s just no getting around it. Growth rarely happens on its own in the eCommerce industry, because there is so much competition and of course the big name outlets like Amazon are always there to contend with as well. How do you expect to build your brand and get lifelong fans and customers if you don’t do the right kind of marketing?

This is the kind of conundrum that store owners often wrestle with, but the solution is actually fairly simple. You need BigCommerce SEO that will help you rank better for your most important keywords and which will help your website accrue authority over time. There’s just no substitute for a properly managed eCommerce SEO campaign in terms of the kinds of results you can expect.

A More Recognizable Brand

While traffic and conversions are the bread and butter of a successful SEO campaign, they aren’t the only benefits you will encounter. If you employ a powerful BigCommerce SEO strategy, you can expect to build your brand awareness as well, and this can be huge for the health and success of your business.

Think of it this way: we’re in a brand-based marketplace. Shoppers don’t only want great products, they want to be entertained and feel listened to. They want brands to be personable, entertaining, fun, trendy, and be aligned with their beliefs and dreams. This is why influencer culture and content creators have taken off. The person in this case is essentially the brand and the products or services they offer are wrapped up in the identity or personality in question.

You have to think in these terms if you want to succeed in your digital marketing efforts. You want to get your brand recognized, and one of the best ways to do this is by appearing at the top of the search results more often, putting your best foot forward in terms of brand appeal and sending a message to potential shoppers.

What do you think the difference in brand appeal is between a website that appears at the bottom of page one or at the top of page one? Exactly.

Building a Powerful Online Business With BigCommerce SEO

Your BigCommerce site isn’t going to magically promote itself or start appearing on page one for no good reason. You need a comprehensive SEO campaign driven by a proven method that will actually generate results that you can rely on.

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