Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Web Hosting

Usually, we lookout for a free host for our website, and it's good if you are starting up a blog or any type of website, but in the free host, we compromise a lot of things but,

Firstly What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page on the Internet.

Or in other words, Web Hosting is the process of purchasing space for your website on the Internet.

A website contains 3 basic elements, Information, video files, and audio files. 

They all require space to be viewed online, So we assign a server so that the content is available or shown online.

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How Does Web Hosting works?

Web Hosting is done when our files are uploaded from a local computer to a web server.

Basically, there are 3 types of Web Hosting.

  • Shared Hosting

  • Dedicated Hosting

  • VPS Hosting 

What is Shared Hosting? When we host multiple websites on the same server and users share their spaces with other users it is said to be Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is Cheapest hosting per year but is not useful for you if you have good traffic on your website, most of the time websites on shared servers crash and it is only good for starters. 

What is Dedicated Hosting? In dedicated hosting you have your own personal server and no matter how much traffic comes into your website, the server will handle it, Dedicated Hosting is not pocket-friendly but it will give your website flawless optimization.

What is VPS Hosting? Virtual Private Hosting is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server, when a dedicated server is serving multiple websites and excess traffic isn't affecting the whole server then this type of hosting is said to be VPS Hosting.Computer technology isometric icon, server room, digital device set, element for design, pc laptop

Some mistakes we might make when we Host a Website. 

  • Free Hosting Service- It is a good option if you are working on a website or blog just for your hobby or for passing time but if you are taking it to a professional level you must pay and get secure and faster hosting.

  • Not Researching Restrictions- There are many hidden charges and hidden conditions, not everyone shows all of their play cards, it's all a marketing strategy, stay alert and don't pay anything extra, always compare two or more companies before choosing anyone. 

  • Forced Advertising- Your website is your own, stay aware of force advertisements on your website. Your host might force them, always check and confirm this point.

  • Not Testing Out Customer Service- Nothing's perfect so keep in mind that you are going to be in a need of customer care because you are not professional, you will make mistakes.

  • Softaculous Application installer- Always check that that hosting company provides you one-tap software installation so that you can control your website without any coding. 

  • Type of Customer Support- Native language support, 24*7 call chat support is something that will help you solve and share your problem easily.

  • Choosing a Host with No Refund Guarantee- It's very obvious that after some time you might not be satisfied with the host so always check that the host returns your money or just forget you once you pay.

  • Choosing the Wrong Hosting Package- You are starting up so you won't get that traffic hype within the first week or first month, hosts might divert you to purchase an expensive package, in the starting phase you must buy a starter pack and prefer shared hosting.

  • Paying Extra bucks for fewer services - Some very famous companies are going to charge you a lot even if you select the cheapest pack, always confirm for some hidden charges.

  • Not Reading Hosting Reviews- Before making a payment to a hosting company you must check their reviews, scams and frauds are there in every corner of the globe. 

  • Isn't aware of website security- Free Malware Scan & Removal, DDoS Protection, CSF Firewall. All of these security measures are important if you want your data to stay protected.

  • Ignoring Uptime and Downtime- Your site will depend on your web supplier 100% of the time. Personal downtime/uptime rate is significant and ought to be thought about while looking for an organization to have your site. Even 10 minutes can bring losing money.

  • Signing Up For Full-year- You might want to switch your plan or package to a cheaper or expensive one, prefer smart buying to blind or lost purchase. 

These were some basic mistakes we all can make while selecting a host for our website.

Why Hosting matter when you build a website?500 internal server error concept illustration

Web Hosting is the very basic necessity of each and every website, either you are self-hosting it from a platform like WordPress or a hosted one like Wix. 

In case you are not a part of web hosting then you need a good understanding of it because choosing the wrong type of hosting might cause you money and data loss.

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Some Basic Questions we all are desperate to know.

Is Web Hosting safe?

In the event that you need to open an online store or host any sort of private data, secure web facilitating is necessary. Nonetheless, you can't expect that each host offers a similar kind of assurance. VPS Hosting plans and devoted workers are normally the most secure sorts of hosting.

Which type of Web Hosting is Better?

It depends on your usage and traffic on your website, we personally prefer the VPS type of hosting but if you are new and going through a startup phase we’ll recommend shared hosting because it won't cost you much and will give you a proper website with a stable server(Till you don't have heavy traffic)

Why is web hosting so expensive?

➥There is a cost associated with maintaining Servers on which websites are hosted.

➥Money is required to buy Storage for hosting websites.

➥Websites need Bandwidth to operate which again needs money.

➥Web Hosting companies need to invest money in Securing their servers.

➥Scaling web hosting infrastructure to meet the growing demands of hosting websites needs money.

➥Operating a Customer Service team also requires money.


In nutshell, we all make mistakes whenever we try to buy a type of hosting for our website so keep in mind your usage, pocket, security, and many more things before purchasing a domain or purchasing a host.


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