Common Issue and Solution of Wireless or Normal Mouse

If you work on a computer on a daily basis, you must be knowing the importance of a mouse very well. Take it a wireless or a normal mouse, you cannot properly work without it. Till it’s working it's excellent, but if it stops working suddenly, it affects your efficiency.

There are certain common issues that every mouse user faces. Some may quickly find a solution and some may not know what to do. Therefore, it is essential to know the solutions for the common issues related to your mouse.

List of Common Mice (Wireless Or Normal) Issues And Their Fixes

In this article, you can read about the common issues that arise with your mouse. Also, how can you get rid of such inevitable issues? Here is the list below.

1. Standby Mode and Battery:

It is very important to check whether your mouse is in sleep mode or a standby mode. Most of the new mice may come with a standby mode. But if not, you can put them on the standby mode.

In case of a wireless mouse, just check the status of the battery. Due to low battery, the mouse may not work properly. If you are using a wired mouse, check the port. You can try plugging and unplugging the mouse. If it works, then it's fine. But if it's still not working then there may be some problem with the port. If needed, clean it.  Also plug the mouse in any other computer if possible and check if it's working or not.

If none of the ways work out, check out another way ahead.

2. Mouse not working at all:

If you have tried different ways but still your mouse is not working at all. Take a few minutes to check the software and hardware components of your system.

You may have outdated, faulty or damaged mouse drivers in your PC. If yes, then remove them and update the latest versions of the device driver. You can do so by downloading the driver update software tool on your PC. It will update the mouse driver to the newest version. It will automatically improve the working of your mouse.

Do not forget to check the cables, connections and the ports also. Issues like, wrong wiring, damaged USB or PS/2 port, or faulty IR wireless receiver, etc. may stop your mouse from working smoothly.

Thus, if possible visit a hardware expert or you can try some other devices also on your port. Check if they are properly working or not?

3. Check the Power Switch:

If you have any issues like the ‘wireless mouse not working’ properly, check the power switch also. There is a switch on or off button in most of the mice. There is an LED light that indicates the on or off mode.

You should check if the switch is on or off, it should be turned off only when you are not using it. It also helps to save the mouse battery. In case the mouse is not working, you may have switched off the button by mistake.

Do not ignore the power switch also. There is one more way to try out. Just check it below.

4. Install the Receiver:

Generally, the USB mouse comes with a receiver. You are required to plug in that receiver in the port on your PC. Make sure that the receiver is installed properly in the computer or laptop. Otherwise, the mouse won’t work.

There may be the case wherein the port is damaged or spoiled. The plugged receiver may not be installed due to this. You can try to change the port or plug the receiver in some other port available.

Some mice do not have a receiver. Because they are the bluetooth mouse. In such a case, check the bluetooth settings properly.

5. Cursor not working smoothly:

You should always check that the surface on which you put your mouse is neat and clean. Also due to unclean sensor area, the mouse cursor may not move properly. It unables your mouse to work.

Therefore, make sure you use a clean surface area and remove dust from the sensor area. This will help your mouse cursor run smoothly.

6. Frozen Mouse Cursor:

You may have seen that the cursor of your mouse is frozen sometimes. You may think it to be a cause of a mouse error. But, no, it may be due to your computer overloaded with applications. Yes, if there are so many applications opened in your PC at a single time, the cursor gets freezed. It doesn’t move.

In such a condition, it is needed that you close all the unwanted applications. Just let only that application work, that is of current requirement. It should be taken care that you close the applications in a manner that does not hinder the running of the system.

You can restart the system as soon as the applications are closed. This is done to stop those applications from using the power of the system completely.

7. Software should be checked:

Sometimes, while you bring a new mouse, be careful that the software of the old mouse is uninstalled first. In other words, you may bring the same manufacturer’s mouse again. Or you may have bought a different manufacturer’s mouse this time. They use different softwares to control the mouse. Thus, this may create issues for you. The new mouse may not work due to the old software still installed in your PC.

Thus, for a new mouse with different software to control it, the related software should be installed first. Remove the old software.


This is how you can fight with the common mouse issues. There is always a solution to a problem. Hope many of you would get a great help after going through this article. You can try out each method one after another. If one way does not work, the other one will surely work for you. Good Luck!


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