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A smart automation tool that brings the entire messenger marketing and adds it to your WordPress-based messenger website. It has enormous potential and serves your website visitors 24/7 reducing your workload and collecting potential leads.


You can have a well-structured website with plenty of useful information. However, your customers or the users will always have questions regarding the site and you have to answer that in time for a better image for your business or the website.

Chatbots are undoubtedly the powerful automation tool WordPress users can implement to better customer service through their sites or other social channels. Chatbots quickly answer common questions as well as add a bit of personality to your site.

You want your websites to be a valuable source for your business. However, you are not always available to answer all the questions and inquiries. Chatbots are virtual assistants that serve as an effective source for this purpose. It makes your work more efficient and precise without any delay and can bring positive feedback too from your visitors which is prime for your business.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a free chatbot for your WordPress, the benefits of creating a chatbot for WordPress, and how we can help customers through chatbots.


WordPress is a content generator and a management system, which is used by different companies and for different businesses and is also used as an eCommerce platform.

There are thousands of companies that work only through the internet, transferring their locations from a physical space to a virtual one.

The best benefit of WordPress is that they are designed according to the needs of the users, the users can obtain all kinds of web solutions with cutting-edge technologies and connect and enrich their website with the plug-in system.

Accurately, chat compose chatbots can be integrated into WordPress through a plug-in and some simple steps which is less time-consuming. No matter what your bot is used for, through the following steps they can be integrated into your WordPress.


  1. In the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel, click on plug-ins.

  2. In the top of the plug-ins page, find the add new button.

  3. In the search box, type the keyword Artibot.

  4. In the search results, click install now.

  5. Active the Artibot plug-in.

  6. Create a free antibot account and set up your free bot.

  7. Click on the Artibot on the left panel.

  8. Click on pick an Artist.

  9. Select an Artist.

  10. See your new WordPress Chatbot!




A chatbot is essentially a robot that you can use on your websites to carry out text conversations with the visitors interested. Apple’s Siri AND Amazon’s Alexa are added in the most sophisticated chatbots.

Generally, there are different types of chatbots. One of the important types is social media bots. For Example, businesses can use different chatbots on their business profile pages.

These automated chat systems can replace a live customer service representative. The chat interface can help with more experience, drive calls to action (CTA),  and also collect data from the site visitors.

Adding a chatbot to your service saves up your time by answering all the repetitive questions for you. It can also help to infuse your site with personality.

The artificial intelligence (AI) technologies behind chatbots are impressively capable of mimicking human speech and conversations, there’s no actual human on the other hand. Chatbots are helpful for answering all the FAQs, but still, they can’t handle all the tasks. You will still need a support team as a backup to handle some visitor’s requests. 



You can easily create Al ChatBots for your WordPress website as there are no technical skills required. You can start with templates and can modify them with a drag-and-drop interface.


You can adapt the chatbot to your user preferences with a personalized conversational experience.


It gives instant answers around the clock and gathers more leads based on those positive interactions.


You can also use Al automation so your support is more streamlined and you can spend more time on difficult issues. You can Select the Best Chatbot for WordPress.


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