Audio Services Online: Mix & Master for Free

Every musician, artist, or employee of an editing company knows how important the mixing and mastering processes are for music and editing We are here now to make mastering more widely available with a list of free online mastering tools! If you want to compete in the saturated market that is the music industry, you need to make sure that your content is up to scratch and of the highest quality. The mixing and mastering process is unfortunately expensive but that cannot deny its importance and we stress over the fact more and more. In this piece, we'll provide you with essential tips and tricks to help you master your tracks in an economical and timely manner and why mixing and mastering music is essential for an artist.

Importance of online mastering:

Music mastering is commonly referred to as the process of taking audio and preparing it for distribution. To summarize the debate mastering is like polishing the song for final touches and adjusting its level to make it as different from other songs as possible. This is to fight some of the imbalance from the mix and enhance some of the characteristics that are appropriate for the song. There are a few things we should keep in mind with this process:

  • Integrate the sound of the record

  • Maintaining consistency throughout the album

  • Preparation for delivery

These are the main pillars of strong music quality, but unfortunately, these steps can be quite difficult to follow. The fact that it is expensive is already established but it is time-consuming as well. While challenging, it's worth it in the long run. Especially when pitching to tastemakers. Having a similar sound to your album enhances your professionalism as an artist or music producer.

AI vs. Human:

If you're worried about music mastering, you may contact sound engineers and mastering services like Abbey Road Studios, which offer state-of-the-art audio mastering capabilities. When you upload a track and let us take the legwork out of processing CD-quality versions of your music, audio processing WAV files, sample rates, and frequency ranges are a lot harder. Thankfully, people who have been specially trained to master the track and album do exist. Mastering engineers are experts at adding those final touches to an album, which can include various mastering options. 

In short, mastering music requires critical listening. But, keep in mind, the results depend on a variety of factors such as the intention of the engineer, the skill/experience of the engineer, and the accuracy of your monitor/speaker. These are just a few of the main components that can affect the result of a mastery effort. Fortunately, free software tools exist to facilitate the process, which is great news for independent artists or online music producers without high-end equipment. Some tools have the ability to let you master the track right away but others may not have that kind of advantage. They use AI and machine learning to replicate the processes human engineers perform while processing tracks.

Here are a few of the free online mix and mastering services that you can try and work with:

  1. HayeWave:

HyaWave is an online sound mixer software that runs in your Internet browser. It allows you to copy, paste, clear, and crop audio files in different modes such as MP3, WAV, and other formats. It has 18 filters for you to try and make your music unique in every aspect. You can load and save edited audio files to the cloud, apply live effects, and share via social media or URLs. It is the best deal if you're recording on the fly or even editing it as well and don't want to install different heavy programs on your laptops. 


  • Best audio mixing software for streaming

  • Audio filter customization

  • Helps you to record live audio files by using the feature of a built-in audio recorder


  • Doesn’t support multi-tracking


  1. AudioTools:

AudioTools is a free online audio mixer software with great mixing features. It allows you to publish and create music tracks with mixing features. It has more options for sharing with Garage Band than any other audio software. You can also utilize this online sound mixer programmed to capture 30-second portions of sound and use them as samples, which can subsequently be mixed using digital tools already included in the AudioTools system.


  • You can use it in browsing format only and access it anywhere you want

  • Dozens of filters, virtual tools, and effects are available

  • Allow creating MIDI controllers


  • Only works in Google Chrome

  • Export in MP3 format only

  1. You.DJ:

You.DJ is a powerful online music mixer. In this program, you can get all the equipment you need to mix music and video. This YouTube video editing software also provides several mixed effects, such as loop, fx pad, eq, sampler, and more. Apart from using the provided music, you can also use downloading YouTube music.


  • Mix YouTube music effectively

  • Change the speed of the music as you like

  • Support share directly on the forum


  • Some functions require a purchase

  • Doesn’t support cutting music

  • Difficult for beginners