An Entrepreneurial Guide To Be A Proficient Android App Developer

Have you got deep passions to develop mobile apps? Got goals to develop something out of the world? If yes, here is the guide that can boost your Android career.

The initial step is to understand the responsibilities you as an Android app developer have to tackle. There are non- technical as well as technical aspects that one must be adept in.

According to Statista (figures as per February 2021), almost 88.5 Androids apps were launched in the Google Play Store. This number has declined because of COVID-19 pandemic. But still the percentage is excellent.

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Responsibilities of Android App Developer

First and the foremost, it is very much necessary to understand the responsibilities of Android app developers. Even though the responsibility may vary depending upon the organisation you are working for.

The responsibilities are:-

  • Designing & Building The Android Apps

The main responsibility of any Android app developer is to develop and design the Android apps. You will also be the in-charge to construct the functionalities. Now this includes developing the architecture and codes.

  • Collaborating With The Team

You have to be a good perk because your job is about teamwork. Hence, it is very much essential that you maintain effective communication with other team members which includes back-end developers, UI/UX designers, analysts, etc. 

Every team member focuses on performing specific roles but you as an Android app developer should maintain cordial and good communication. It is the best key for developing out-of-the-box products.

  • Working With APIs & Database

An Android app developer must have a good knowledge about the databases and APIs. It denotes that you must have good skills to deal with third-party coding.

  • Implementing The Unit Tests

Otherwise also known as module testing. This is the key and the integral part of the development cycle. It often employs the agile methodology of software development (which all leading companies generally use). You must ensure to do the unit test of the app for the entire development process.

  • Fixing The Bugs

You cannot ignore this territory at all. Your task as an Android app developer is to find the bugs and fix the bugs. 

So, as soon as the Quality Assurance manager forwards the report regarding the bugs. Make sure you effectively handle the bugs.

Now, it is always better that you start your career with the leading Android app development company. Why? Well, they will be employed with the best senior staff who will have reliable work experience in the specific field. Moreover, they would be enriched with numerous projects. Therefore, you will have the privilege to work in different projects and updated technologies. These two reasons can certainly boost your career in the best possible manner.

Five Things You Should Know as an Android Developer

Next, let us dive into the technical expertise of Android app developers.

  • Well Versed With The Programming Language: Java

Nowadays, the Android apps are developed in Java, even though there are some projects that have used C++.

This operating system uses the Java objects that are oriented with the programming models. For the case of object-oriented programming, the programming elements are first broken down. This later mimics the real-world objects.

Let us understand this with the help of an example:-

In the video game of Android, the enemy combatant and the player character are the objects of the real world. They will appear as real characters to  the user.

  • Knowledge of XML

XML is the best way to encode the data for the applications that are internet based. This is a markup language that structures and shares some amazing features with HTML. 

This feature can allow you to share the information between the devices. And the excellent thing it uncovers is, this can be understood consistently. 

For the world of Android, the developers can utilize XML to develop the foundations. This layout will serve as the UI foundation. You as an Android app developer has to write codings that will modify the elements of the layout once the app starts running. 

Hence, mastering the skill of XML is essential for Android developers.

  • Databases & Material Design

As an Android app developer you must understand and explore about the working of the databases. There are cloud services such as Parse or Firebase that can offer you the best and simple APIS. You can use this to store the data. These services also give you Java libraries. One can utilize this to plug into the apps. 

You also have the privilege  to easily cache the data. This in turn will store the data on the  device of the user.

  • APIs

As an Android app developer, it is more likely that you have to handle numerous services. For instance, you can give the liberty to the user to access the calendar from a third-party platform.

The leading search engine, Google has made it much easier to use their APIs. And you can work with their APIs using your own Android phones. You can use the APIs of Google to see the user’s location. Similarly, there are other companies who offer best APIs.

  • Updates With The Advanced Technologies

Your certification does not make you an Android app developer. You have to open your doors to learn new skills and updated technologies. You need to understand that within just a few blinks of your eye new technology evolves. So, as an Android app developer you have to learn the new technologies and updates. This will make you a proficient Android app developer.

Wrapping it up!!

Before you build any Android apps, make sure you take sufficient time to frame the hypothesis- what problem will this app design to and who will use the app? The next step is to develop the wireframes using tools such as Sketch or Balsamiq. Ensure you get the feedback from the targeted audience.

As mentioned above, you should kickoff your career with an adept Android app development company.

Author’s Bio

The author is a Sr. Android app developer at MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd, an established Android app development company. He has immense years of experience in development. And has rendered his hand to all the leading brands and start-ups. In his free time he loves to write coding and explore new ways for development. 



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