Alternatives To Torrent Movies and TV Shows

So, you've heard about the new movie torrent sites on the web. They have been getting a lot of buzzes lately, and many people have asked what they are and how to find them. The truth is, it's fairly simple to get started with movie torrents. First of all, we should talk about the differences between a regular torrent site and a movie torrent site. The main difference is that with regular torrent sites, the users don't have anything to do with the downloading, uploading, or promoting of the movies. This is where the movie torrents differ.

An Underground Industry

With regular torrent sites, there is always some degree of interaction between the clients and the downloaders. That's why they exist. In fact, many people think of torrents as an underground industry. People who are downloading torrents don't want people touching their stuff without their permission. In this respect, it's almost the same as downloading music from iTunes. click for source

Mirror Sites

That's where the mirror sites come in. A lot of people use mirror sites because the protocol for these types of services is quite different. While most regular sites have certain protocols in common, mirror sites go through a lot of hassle to secure the connections with high-speed broadband and/or cable connections. This is one of the reasons why they're considered to be better than regular sites. After all, when you're downloading torrents, you don't want to be bothered by your ISP.


To that end, many mirror websites also offer to eat downloads. If you don't know what EZTV is, it's an iPhone application. You can see an image of what the movie is going to look like before you download it to your computer. This is great if you have a relatively modern PC and don't need to worry about playing a video on your phone. The reason that I recommend EZTV is because it's faster than torrent websites. The download is almost instantaneous. You can get movies like Crazy Heart and Kung Fu Panda in under an hour. The problem is, if you're using a connection that isn't as fast as an iPhone, your download may be a little slower.

VPN Services

The problem lies in how torrents are distributed. Some people use unmoderated torrent websites, where anyone can add their links and make their shows available for download. When you want to watch a show, it gets replayed a lot. This is how pirating happens, so you can be sure that if you go to one of these websites, you'll have to pay. So, do you really want to use torrent up? In theory, it's very easy to torrent. However, I've found that there are many other options that work much better. The most popular alternative is to get VPN services. Not only do VPN services offer great security and reliability, but they also work great as torrent sites.

A VPN works by transforming your computer into a dummy. Every site that you visit goes through the VPN and behind your IP address, so your identity remains protected even while torrenting. And the best thing about it?  All you need to know is the IP address of the computer you're using, which can be found in the About section of the system. That's why torrent up isn't as popular as some of the other alternatives, like tunnelling.



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