A Comprehensive Guide about Transferring Web Host

If you are stuck with a web host that gets frequent downtime, low loading speed, and minimal scalability options, know the fact that you are earning a loss. Sticking with such a host will only negatively impact the reputation and ranking of your website. So, you need to change your web host service provider as soon as possible and find a more reliable service.

 A lot of website owners stay stuck with an incompetent hosting service provider because they think that moving the host is an even greater hassle which will cause them more loss than good. However, it is not so. Staying in one place and earning is not good enough as compared to moving and making better adjustments for future profitability. Besides, you can easily transfer your web host service by following few definite steps.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a comprehensive guide about transferring web hosts.

Top 7 Steps You Must Follow While Transferring Web Host

Moving or transferring often comes with anxiety and nervousness, whether it is in the case of moving home or moving web host. Instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety, you need to focus on the positive outcomes and opportunities brought by this move. Moreover, be sure to follow the essential steps to maximize your profits and limit the loss.

Here are some of the major steps you must follow while transferring your web host service.

1.Buy a New Hosting Plan

The very first step you must follow while transferring a web host is to buy a new plan. This is the step you need to follow before transferring. You must check all the available options and the features you need to ensure that it is a perfect match for you. A lot of website owners buy web hosting UAE based services and ensure that the service provider offers support in transferring.

2.Save and Move your Files

The next and most critical step you should never ignore while transferring web host is saving all the files of your website and moving them. The website files can include plugins, uploads, and general website data. If you fail to save and move your files before moving, your website can experience structuring issues and broken links, which will negatively impact the rankings.

3.Export Your Database from the Previous Host

If your website has a database, exporting it from the previous web host to the new host is another crucial step you must follow while transferring web hosting services. Not all websites have a database, so do not panic about this step if your website does not have one. On the other hand, if your website has a database and you ignore this step, it can cause irreparable loss.

4.Install and Configure Applications

The next step in the process of transferring web host is installing and configuring the applications. These steps specifically depend on the type of your website, and actions will vary accordingly. However, you cannot skip this step altogether. If you lack the technical know-how and expertise, get the professionals on board and let them handle all the necessities for you.

5.Test Your Site

Once you have moved the files, database and configured the applications, the next step you must follow while transferring the web host is testing your site. It is one of the most critical steps in the process because, without testing, you will not be able to know if your website is working efficiently or facing some issues. So, make sure to test and fix the issues, if any, to ensure a successful move.

6.Update DNS Settings

Updating DNS settings is another critical step you must follow while transferring your web host service provider. DNS stands for domain name system. It usually translates IP address into a specific and simpler domain name. Updating the DNS settings can result in a downtime of your website, so you can select the time when you do not get much user traffic to minimize the loss.

7.Troubleshoot and Fix the Issues

The last step you must follow while transferring the web hosting service provider is troubleshooting and fixing the issues. Although you have configured your accounts and checked the files, at times, database errors can occur. So, make sure to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. You can also consult a web hosting UAE based service provider while transferring the service and get technical support for a smooth transfer.

Are you still concerned about transferring the web host?

Being nervous is quite common if you are transferring your web host for the first time. However, if you have faced some issues in the past and fear that it will happen again, taking the risk of transferring on your own might not be a good option. Instead, consult the professional hosting service providers to ensure a safe and smooth transfer of your service.


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