A complete popups notifications blocking method

When you are working on a crucial file or playing your favorite online games; the notification seems very annoying. They can interrupt our workflow. These notifications provide information regarding new updates, virus attacks, etc. But various notifications are bothersome like program upgrades. Whenever you open the system; these notifications start flooding the device. Disable all these notifications on the system to perform tasks without interruption.


Disable Update notifications on Windows

When the new update for your Windows appears; you will get a notification. Updating your Windows OS is necessary. When you see your update message on the screen then you should install it. To keep the device protected from new malware and threats; the user must install the new OS update. Check the internet connection and update the update. But when the internet connection is very slow and unreliable then wait until the connection gets stable. You can disable the update notification to prevent popups.

1.   Open the Update and Security

2.   Hit on the Windows Update

3.   Go to the Advanced option

4.   Tap on the Update notifications

5.   Toggle to the switch to disable

Now click on the Confirm button and the update notification will get disabled.


Disable antivirus popups

Your antivirus sends the pop-ups often. When the security program detects any malware; it immediately informs the user. Whenever your antivirus suspects any irregular change or activity on the device; you will get the notification. Users must check the notifications. But sometimes these antivirus notifications can be bothersome. When the user is playing online games; these virus notifications can interrupt you. If the user doesn't want to get these notifications then he can block Malwarebytes popups.

1.   Open the dashboard of the antivirus

2.   Choose the Settings option

3.   Tap the application button

4.   You will get the Notification tab

Toggle the antivirus notification button to disable it. Close the dashboard and now you can play the game easily. Many antivirus programs provide the gaming mode. When you enable the gaming mode on the system; you won’t get any notification while using the device on full screen.


Disabling upgrade notification on the program

Many programs like music apps, games, and antivirus, etc provide free plans to the user. The free plan offers fewer tools to the user and some of the programs may also show the ads. Along with these ads, you will also get a regular upgrade notification. You will get these notifications until the user upgrades his plan. Upgrading the program to premium will not only remove ads and notifications but also provides advanced features and services. If you can’t upgrade the plan then disable the notification.

1.   Open the program on the system

2.   Click on the subscription page

3.   You will see the notification page

Disable the notification window and then you will not get the pop-ups on the system.


Disabling fake pop-ups on the web

When the user surf the internet; they will get lots of ads on the screens. Most of these ads and notifications are for promotion. When you tap on the pop-ups; another web page will open. But there are also various fake pop-ups and ads. Fake pop-ups mostly appear when the user is accessing the unsecured network. Cybercriminals send fake warning pop-ups to users' devices. When the user taps the pop-up, the hacker enters the device. You should never install any pop-up on the web. These fake pop-ups can harm the device and data. Hackers can also steal your identity and personal data. If you don’t want to get these fake pop-ups then use a secure internet connection.

Users can prevent these fake notifications, pop-ups, and ads on the browser by disabling the ads. You can disable all the ads and popups on the browser by using the ad-blocker. Search for ad-blockers on the web and install it. When the user enables this extension on the device; all the ads get disabled.

Users can also add the browser security feature to the system. This feature checks the links available on the page. Whenever the user hits any fake URL or pop-up; your browser security tool will block it. When you get the pop-up on your screen; you should read the notification carefully and then take any action.


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