7 Tips of Windows PC Optimize for Music Production

With Windows PC, the music-making process has become very easy and interesting. Because, it offers stability as well as compatibility features. But that’s not enough. You can get the best out of Windows PC, if you know some handy tips and tricks. For better music production, it is essential that your Windows PC works optimally and efficiently. But how? You will get the right guidance as you will start reading this article further.

Seven Tips to Optimize Windows PC for Music Production

In this article, you will learn about various tricks that can be helpful in optimizing your Windows PC. How optimized Windows PC will lead to better music production? You can go through the points one by one below.

1. Install and Update latest device drivers:

For better music production, you need an optimum performance of your Windows 10 PC. This is possible if you will timely install and update the audio device drivers to their latest version. You can download the best driver updater free or paid version of your choice. You can download the driver updater manually as well as automatically. It is good to go with the automatic option. Because, it consumes less time.

You can also download the driver updater tool from various sources. Like, through an official website, through the device manager or by using Windows update. Timely installing and updating the drivers will lead to an optimized Windows 10 performance. This will result in a better music production eventually.

2. Reinstall the sound drivers:

When the sound issues arise every now and then in the system, there is definitely some problem with the sound drivers. This may cause issues in your music making process. You can try out ways like, go to the built-in troubleshooter (sound) option or update the sound drivers to their latest versions, etc. But, if these options also do not resolve the sound issues, in Windows 10 reinstall sound drivers by following these steps below.

  • • Go to the Taskbar, right-click on the Start button. Now to open the same option, click on the Device Manager.
  • • Now, expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers option by opening the Device Manager.
  • • Check yur Audio driver’s name now. In most of the systems, it is the Realtek High Definition Audio. It is important to note down the right name and version of the device drivers. It will be easy for you to download the same version of the drivers again.
  • • Well, right-click on the device driver that is to be uninstalled. Click on the Uninstall device option.
  • • To uninstall the device driver, you need to select the option Delete the Driver Software for this Device. If you do not select this option, the driver will not be uninstalled. Press the Yes button at the end.
  • • Now, it’s the time to reboot your computer. Remember to save all the changes you have made.

3. Disable System Sounds:

To optimize Windows PC for music production, it is essential that the system sounds are disabled. The steps are as follows:

  • • Go to the Control Panel. Click on the Sound option there.
  • • You will see the Sounds Tab under the Sounds scheme option. Then go to the No Sound option.
  • • Click on the OK option at the end.

This will disable the system sounds for you.

4. Adjust your Processor Scheduling to Background Services:

Adjusting the processor scheduling to background services will optimize the audio drivers of your PC. How? Have a look at some steps below:

  • • Go to the Control Panel. Click on the System option.
  • • In the Advanced System Settings option, click on the Advanced Tab option.
  • • Now to see the Performance Option Window, click on the Settings under performance option.
  • • In the Advanced Tab, click on the Change processor scheduling to Background services option.
  • • Click on the OK button at the end.

5. Switch off Animated Windows:

It is recommended to switch off the Animated Windows. Because, they consume a lot of power from the PC. This power can be rather used to improve the performance of the audio in your PC.

So, if the animated windows are turned on, follow the below steps to turn them off.

  • • In the Control Panel, click on the System option.
  • • Go to the Advanced system settings. Click on the Advanced Tab option.
  • • The Performance Options Window will appear, when you will click on the Systems under Performance option.
  • • Now, you can go to the Visual Effects tab. Select the Custom option.
  • • Now you can cancel the tick on the Animate Windows when you maximize or minimize.
  • • Click OK at the end.

If none of the above tips helps out, you can check out the next way below.

6. Turn Off USB Power Management:

It is very essential to get some free space on your USB Bus. This will enable your PC to recognize the devices. It will also help in installing the drivers properly. So, to turn off the USB Power Management, you need to follow certain steps:

  • • Go to the Control Panel. Open the Device Manager.
  • • Now, you can double-click on the USB Controllers option.
  • • You have to click on the Power Management Tab now.
  • • After clicking on the Power Management Tab, you can click and uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
  • • Click on the OK option.
  • • You can repeat this process for all USB Root Hub Entries.

7. Disable User Account Control:

For better music production, it is required to disable user account control. It may put a negative impact on the read/write permissions. Therefore, follow the steps below.

  • • Go to the Control Panel. Open the User Accounts option. Click on the Change your Account Control Settings.
  • • Click on the Set to Never Notify option.
  • • Now, click on the OK button. At the end, restart your PC.

Hope you find this article helpful. These above mentioned tips will surely make your Windows PC better than before. Optimized Windows PC means easy and better music making for you all.  One or the way will definitely work for you. You can choose the tips of your choice.