7 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes for Small Business

Do you know what distinguishes the greatest WordPress themes? You may have observed that the best themes have the best brand name associated with them. 

Without conducting any promotion, the themes sometimes created by the vendor gain popularity. Even the most revolutionary theme, though, can go unnoticed at times. However, WordPress developers can conduct thorough research and identify the finest theme using their skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, Offshore WordPress developers do not necessarily hunt for themes that are associated with well-known businesses, but rather for themes that match their specific design requirements.

Let’s move towards the multipurpose themes and their significance in small businesses. 

Many individuals consider themes to be hidden monsters because they have no idea what they include until they are installed and used. 

But Multipurpose themes are rich in designs and features, making them ideal for small businesses or personal websites. 

Let us put out our best effort right now and provide you with a wide choice of multipurpose free WordPress templates including all branded and not so popular, so you can make the choice accordingly. 


7 Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Small Businesses 


Hestia, created by Themeisle, is one of the best versatile WordPress themes available. Thousands of users use Hestia because it provides a professional one-page design with a powerful user-friendly interface. Custom backgrounds, Megamenu, and other features are also available.

Additionally, the theme is compatible with several WordPress Page Builders. So the theme will run smoothly regardless of the page builder you use.

It also works with WooCommerce, Elementor, and other platforms. Furthermore, you can leverage the WordPress Customizer Interface to edit front-page information as per your needs.  



Punte is a free WordPress theme that works with a variety of page builders, including Gutenberg, Elementor, and others.

If you are looking to begin blogging on a personal website or for any small venture like a cafe, restaurant, or any online store, Punte is the theme to go. 

It includes 12+ different startup webpages (demo) as well as a one-click preview installer. Punte is also SEO and performance-optimized, and completely compatible with WordPress plugins.

It has a configurable header and footer, styling choices, and much more because it is a Gutenberg-ready WP theme with strong options.

It's a fast-loading theme that's responsive and pixel-perfect. Punte combined with Elementor allows you to quickly construct professional-appealing web pages.



All in one free WordPress theme Bingle comes packed with powerful functionalities, and features. Such versatile theme lets the websites build medical, business, event, or small venture websites  

All of the examples are created with Elementor, and you can import prebuilt demo material with a few clicks. Using this theme, which is integrated with Elementor, you can easily build visually stunning web pages.

Bingle offers a wide range of customization choices, including 10 pre-designed header templates, various page layouts, footer builders, and much more. As a result, if you're seeking personalized themes that don't require any technical knowledge, Bingle is the way to go.



Astra is one of the greatest multipurpose WordPress themes for beginners, with several free features. Astra offers a variety of pre-built themes and parts to assist you in quickly creating a multifunctional website for any business vertical.

If you own a business and are looking to create a dynamic site, Astra can provide you with a variety of options to help you make your website look professional. Furthermore, it can also optimize it for SEO and provide the greatest performance.



Flash is a light and attractive free WordPress theme that focuses on cuisine, construction services, and other multipurpose one-page options. 

Unlike its competitors, this free theme has a lot of features, including up to 5 slides for showing your business's offerings, Google fonts, screen layouts, and more.

In addition, Flash provides several useful widgets such as CTAs, Testimonials, and others. Being WooCommerce compatible, which gives you more options for setting up and personalizing your online store.



Sela is the greatest free multipurpose WordPress theme with a smooth appearance and clean code. This theme's modern and clean style provides enough room to communicate your ideas, along with several high-quality photos.

Also, it includes various widgets, allowing you to easily change the content and placement of widgets. Backgrounds and colours can be simply modified. 

To adjust the brand identity and menus, use the WordPress Customizer. This gives you the freedom to change the look of the site and add credible testimonials.



Mesmerize isn't simply a beautiful design; it's also a beast when it comes to customization.

You'll have access to dozens of modifiable pre-made content, well-designed layouts, and a wide range of appealing options.

The theme's free edition includes 5 header designs and slideshow backgrounds, over 30-page content divisions, a widgetized footer, and much more.

As a result, if you want to give the theme dashboard a short test, Mesmerize is always ready to help you out and includes a “Test Button” to do so.

However, keep in mind that only the premium edition has access to logo customization, colors, typography, and other features.


Wrapping Up


So, these are the most useful and free multipurpose WordPress themes that you can use to improve the look and functionality of your website. If you still don't know which would be useful in designing your enterprise site, you can hire a Custom WordPress Development Company to get the greatest and most dynamic WordPress site possible.

Hope you find this write-up beneficial in exploring the information for multipurpose WordPress theme choices you are looking for. Thanks for Reading!!



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