The Importance of Dental Elevators in Veterinary Oral Surgery

Veterinary dentistry is crucial for the welfare and health of different animal species. Animals can catch many kinds of dental diseases since they are incapable of maintaining proper dental hygiene. Some dental diseases can lead to neurological and behavioral changes in animals. Therefore, they need proper dental examination from time to time to make sure that everything is fine.

The medical treatment of animals takes much more effort than a normal human patient. Veterinarians are trained in dentistry for years before they get to do it on actual animals. Multiple surgical instruments are used during dental procedures for easy, smooth, and precise working. The surgical instrument is specially designed for entering narrow spaces between the teeth. They provide ample support to the surgeon during a dental procedure. One such instrument is called a dental elevator. Due to various reasons, a veterinary surgeon might need to extract a tooth. During a tooth extraction procedure, dental elevators are used for multiple purposes like pulling, lifting, and loosening the tooth from the surrounding tissues. Their delicate tips help in removing broken root tips that can be inaccessible without the instrument. The loosening of the tooth before forcep extraction helps in avoiding tooth fracture. It also saves the patient from experiencing an extreme amount of pain. Hence, elevators make the extraction process easier and less painful.


Dental Elevators are usually made of German stainless steel that keeps them strong and durable. The structure of dental elevator includes three main parts:

  • Blade

The blade is the most important part of the surgical elevator. It performs the main function of cutting the Sharpey’s fiber to separate the tooth from the periodontal ligament.

  • Shank

Shank is usually long and thin. It is the point of contact between the blade and the handle. It increases the length of the instrument and enables the surgeon to reach deep and narrow spaces between the teeth that are inaccessible otherwise.

  • Handle

Dental elevators are designed with ergonomic handles to ease the dental extraction process. The handles are usually stubby and fit easily in hand. This allows the surgeon to have more control over the instrument.

What is the difference between Elevators and Luxators?

Elevators and luxators perform the same function of loosening a tooth from the periodontal ligament. They only differ in their usage and structure. Veterinary

dental elevators have strong and thick blades that can easily bear the force needed during dental extraction. They use the mechanism of leverage to extract the tooth. Leverage requires a lot of force. Therefore the blades are made strong enough to go through the process undamaged.

Luxators perform the same function as elevators but in a completely different way. They are used in a rotating motion around the tooth to separate it from the periosteum. The leverage mechanism cannot be used with luxators. Their sharp and thin blade are delicate and can break if used for leverage.


Veterinary Dental Elevators are manufactured in different forms and designs. There are three main types of dental elevators.

  • Straight:

Straight Elevators are used for wedging. They have one concave and one convex side of the tip to fit perfectly between the teeth. One example is Warwick James Root Elevator Straight. It is used to extract roots. It is available in straight, left, and right styles.

  • Triangular

Triangular elevators are used to deliver a strong leverage force for dental extraction. They have a triangular blade that can deliver large force to the targeted tooth. The blades are made strong and resistant to environmental changes. For example:Cryer Elevator Dental has a triangular-shaped blade and works on the wedge principle.

  • Pick Elevators:

Pick elevators are specially designed to extract root tips. For example: Root Tip Pick Elevator is used to remove fragments and pieces of the broken root tip. It is also available with a double-action mechanism with one blade on each side.

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