Top 10 Smartest Dogs in the World

Top 10 Smartest Dogs in the World

There are so many dogs in the world that are so smart and we loved it too. Do you ever think that your pet is intelligent and smarter than you? Obviously, dogs are smarter than human beings. And they know our language very well that’s they are most intelligent and smarter. They are the human’s best friends. Here we give you a website source visit Here you can find everything related to pets: dog information, nutrition, training, behavior, and much more! This site offers expert advice to all pet owners.

Here it is we present the world’s top 10 smartest dogs list that is so smart and intelligent. So just take a look at the list of the top 10 smartest dogs in the world.


The Australian Cattle dog are working dog. They are very strong in strength, very active, physically and mentally very strong. They are very organized. Basically we said that they are very active breed of all breeds. They protect our family and property also. They like their own toys and love to play with them. Sometimes they bored easily. That’s they are t number tenth place in our list.


Another superb breed the Rottweiler. They are so intelligent and smart. They works also for police dogs, guard dogs etc. They are very fun loving type of dog with kids and family members also. They are very loyal and kind. They had excellent sense of humor and well known for the stoicism. They are courageous and average intensity. They are reliable also. They are largely undeserved. That’s they are at number ninth place in our list.


Here it is very cute butterfly-eared dog and deceptively cute dog is one and only Papillion. They are stronger, tougher, and just like bionic dogs. They are look like watchdogs. They are lot tougher they look. They are little bit moody and aggressive also. They are possessive also. They are cute also. They are one of the most affectionate dogs in the world. And intelligent also. They are a little bit sweet and cute also. They are also little trained dogs. That’s why they are at number eighth place on our list.


Here it is most popular breed chooses by family the Labradors Retriever. They are easily trained dogs. And they learnt very quickly every command.  They have very patience and very smart also. This one of the most popular breed in the world. But there has some weight problems without exercise in this kind of breed. They love to work with kids and play with kids. So it must to do exercise. They are very attractive just because of their loving nature. They are family dog also. That’s why this breed is stands at number seventh lace in our list.


The human’s intelligent dogs here it is the Shetland sheepdog which is very intelligent. Just because of their sweet and lovely nature. They love also kids and the other dogs. They are little bit wary of some strangers and some kids. They had a great concentration. And very affectionate to all family members. They handle their life with diligence and efficiency. And they learned new commands very easily. That’s why they are at number sixth place in our list.


It’s an extremely loyal and fearless type of breed the Doberman Retriever. They are quit general. They are one of the popular guards dog. They had a lot of stamina. Basically they used in police dogs, guards’ dog, and security dogs. Their stamina strength is very strong. They are very intelligent. They are family lovers also. They have incredibly works. They had also a good temperament. They also used in hospitals also like health rescues etc.


A very attractive dog of all others and one of the very popular breed, the Golden Retriever is so intelligent and very smart also. They are very loyal, kind, caring, smart, and very patient type of breed. They have very loving nature and they love kids also. They learnt over 200 commands they are very sharp-minded. It’s a fabulous breed to bring into your family. And they consistently had known as popular breed of all breeds. That’s why they are at number at 4th place in our list.


Here it is one of the most intelligent breed the German shepherd. He’s smart, intelligent, active, sharp minded, courageous and protect full. They are quick learning dog. Basically they used mostly in security guard dogs, Police force, rescue dogs and they even trained by military with parachutes jumps. They are dying to learn something new. They learn very fast. They are one of the best guards ever. They are excellent with children and family dog also. They need happy job life. That’s why they are at number third position in our list.


Yeah here it is the Poodle is at number two position. The standard of these type breed is very intelligent. The good thing is it’s really easily trainable with sharp-minded sense of humour. They look like very attractive especially their unique hairs. They look so beautiful. They also can swim very beautifully. They are so popular in circus performance. They are very creative type of dog. And they also love creative play time. That’s why they are number two in our list.


Here it is the number one smartest dog in the world is the Border collie. He has an extra ordinary intelligence and lots of high energy. Border Collies have an intense sense power which helps to connect with humans. They do very well with those humans who treat well with him. But sometimes they get frustrated by small children. But you don’t have to leave alone at your home because they don’t like to live alone. They need extensive, companionship exercise. It’s totally competition skills type of dog that’s why he’s on the top in this list.

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