8 Awesome things you need to know about your Labrador dog

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Being an owner of a Labrador dog is something only some of the luckiest people in the world could do! Wondering what makes the owners of Labradors so lucky? Then here are 8 reasons why an owner of a Labrador is lucky and why you should be considering buying yourself a Labrador dog!

1. A very strong companion:

Labrador dogs are meant to be muscular and heavy-built in nature. This makes for a very strong buddy along your side no matter where you go. However, keeping them lazy and not working out will not quite help. You need to make sure your dog gets enough training in order for the muscles to be put to use. Due to its heavy built nature, it is also quite had to handle them well and hence making sure they hear you well from childhood is quite important or else handling them when they grow bigger can be hard.

2. Known to be lazy:

They love to eat and lay down but then how much you provide can also make them lazier. Hence it is needed that as much as food you provide, you should also make sure your labrador gets that much exercise. Apart from this, becoming fat can also lead to a lot of other diseases which we do not want to happen.

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3. Is kind and will help you:

Labrador dogs are known to be affectionate and are really kind to their owners. They also help you out when you do not find out how to go ahead. Their presence itself can be a support to you. Think this is exactly what you want from your dog then now you can find a Labrador dog for sale in Noida near you from DreamPet now!

A Labrador dog is also widely used as a helper for the disabled and is also used as a detector in finding out bombs due to their outstanding smell sense.

4. Exercise-induced collapse:

Providing adequate exercise without straining your dogs is important to keep your dogs healthy. However, if this amount of exercise becomes greater than the adequate amount then there are chances of your dog coming across Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) which is a problem seen due to excess of strain. This, however, is found in those lab dogs who work on the field.

5. Health issues need to be taken care of:

It is needed that you keep a health check of your labrador dog as keeping a track of the same will let you know any changes which can help in detecting any illnesses that your dog has. Although it is rare to suffer from an illness it is needed that you keep out an eye for gastric torsion and dysplasia which are two of the common diseases a Labrador dog can have. Keep the health of your dog can help your dog stay more active and livelier.

6. Not a guard dog:

Labrador, even though known for its strong built, is not a guard dog. A guard dog is the one that can differentiate between people and can pounce on strangers. However, it is seen that labrador dogs do not pounce on anyway instead they show equal affection to both their owners and the strangers who come into your house. This makes a labrador dog one of the most wanted dogs in the family!

7. A cut buddy for children:

Labrador makes for a good family pet apart from which its loyalty and intelligence also make it one of the dogs which not only do adults like but also the children would love! Labrador though has a small habit of nibbling when puppies can be improved with training. Labrador’s innocent looking eyes make up for all the mistakes it does and hence you know even if you are about to scold your dog you will end up petting him!

8. Grabs your attention with the stuff it does:

Labrador dogs love getting attention and interacting with its owner. It is important you set aside some time from your schedule to enjoy yourself with your buddy. It is seen that in some of the dogs when not given proper attention can developmental issues and hence giving them appropriate care is very much needed.

Final Words:

It is no doubt that being an owner of a lab is an awesome experience and you are quite lucky but in order for your relationship with your dog to be healthy it is important you keep in mind all these 8 things! Check out a Labrador for sale in Ghaziabad if you are planning to buy a labrador dog.



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