Why Linen clothes never go out of fashion


The days are getting brighter, warmer and longer, and it is time that we think about. While we try to store and keep wearing our clothes for as long as possible, and do avoid fast fashion fads, there are times when we need new clothes inevitably.

Luckily, Linen clothing like Italian linen tops and tunics, linen dungarees, dresses and loungewear are always in fashion, which mean that investing in a fashionable, great-looking linen piece now will keep looking beautiful years later.

Designs come and go; they change over time. But despite changes in shapes, sizes, lengths and cuts, linen fabric, in the most amusing shades have always remained popular in the fashion industry. Thus, opting for classic styles of this timeless fabric means that you can not only future proof your wardrobe, but also feel ready for the new season.  

But why is linen clothing so much in fashion? Here’s why. A few benefits of linen clothes to reveal.

Linen clothes are so much loved because they are super comfortable. Linen allows you to go around with any sweat or dampening of your clothes. Breathable clothes, which are comfortable are a must during summer and linen effectively absorbs all your perspiration, wicking away the moisture from your body and regulating your temperature. 

Linen pants, dresses, Italian Linen tunics, shirt are highly popular because of the light and airy feeling they provide.

No other fabric comes close to Linen. It is very easy to tailor a stylish linen outfit. Since linen is a very absorbent fabric, it absorbs dyes easily too. Even the simplest of the simple piece of linen clothing looks amazing, and the dresses kinda have a Boho-chic feel to it.

Linen clothes will last longer that other fabrics as they are very durable. They can withstand many washes and just get softer with time and more washes. Why is it so exciting? Because this means that you can enjoy your linen dresses for a long period of time. If you are someone who is worried of sustainability, linen would be a great choice for you’ll.

When travelling, linen clothes are really practical. They take up a little space in your luggage and are easy to carry too. It is also a great choice for laundry on the move. They can easily be handwashed and air dried quickly.

Linen clothing is quite easy to care for. Garments can be machine-washed, air dried and tumble-dried too. Creases are natural for linen outfits. So, you do not need to iron the clothes, which is always a bonus point. However, if you like your clothes ironed, do that while the clothes are still damp.

How can linen clothes be taken care of?

Linen is at least two-three times sturdier than cotton. Linen is a good conductor of heat and is used to make upholsteries and beddings. Linen fibres bleed less and holds dyes better than other fabrics available in the market.   

Since these are so multifaceted, we should definitely know how to care of these darlings well.

Step 1: How to clean?

Linen apparels may look dainty and sophisticated, but they are nothing near that. They are actually surprisingly very durable. The manufacturers usually mention the cleaning method on the label itself, and people should abide by that for a particular piece.

Linen clothes need to be dry-washed or hand-washed. Machine washes are allowed too sometimes, depending upon the mix of the fibre.

To hand-wash your outfits, place the dirty clothes in a bucket with cold water and a few drops of a mild soap. Gently wash your clothes in the soapy water, and remove them. Wash them in clean water until the clothes are soap-free.

However, mild washing may not be able to remove the stubborn stains. Club soda works great to remove stains from your linen outfit.

Step 2: How to dry?

After you are done washing your outfits, hang it from a padded hanger to air dry. You can let it dry naturally by laying it flat on a rack for drying clothes. If you want to tumble dry some time, do it on low for less than five minutes.

Do not wring your linen outfits to remove excess water. You can rather place them in between towels and let the towels soak up the moisture.  

Linen outfits have a global appeal. Italian Linen clothing UK, for an important meeting at office or for that Sunday brunch work absolutely perfect. Websites like Belle Love Clothing have a huge range of linen outfits for you. Check those out today!


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