What should be your checklist for Your first flat?

What should be your checklist for Your first flat?

Okay so you are all ready to look for a new flat for yourself, right? Have you prepared a list of things that your new flat should have? The must-haves for a fresh flat may range from flat essentials to that of items you like, and there is much you might think you need right away.

The reality of the matter is, you don't require it all at once. Prioritizing the things or items you require for your first apartment above the items you want could help you budget and plan for filling up the unfilled area in your new place.  It does not really matter you look for 2 BHK flats for sale in Wagle Estate or in any other place; you would definitely find a good option once you follow, he right points.

Check for the Parking space

Perhaps you have checked the size of the flat, the general rooms and the balcony and all; what about the parking? Do you feel that there is proper parking provision for your vehicle? What if you need to leave your expensive car under the roof and there is no shed? That could be disappointing right? You need to find out in advance if there is a good slot for parking your car or not. After all, during rains and storms; your car cannot just be left out in the open.  Maybe you feel that you would take care of it but that is not the simple thing. It is better that you get sure in time than to feel disappointed later on.

Check out the Gardens in the Society you want to buy a flat in

Well, maybe you find it little comfortable thing but it is important. You all feel like strolling around in the evening or at night, right? If your society does not possess a garden for you, it could be disappointing. You cannot just look for a good flat and forget about the surroundings.  It would be somewhat disappointing if you have to go to another space in the city for trolling or sitting in the fresh air. There should be personal garden of the society wherein your flat is located.

Are pets allowed?

Again, in the contemporary age, families and couples are in love with pets. They have their beloved pets and they love them with all their heart. Well, what if your society is great , the flat is spacious but pets are not permitted therein? It would be heart breaking right? You need to be really thoughtful about it. What is the point in case you assumed that you can keep your pet in your flat and take him out for a stroll in the garden of your society in the evening, but you later on found out that the authorities tell you not to keep a pet? Such things you should keep in mind in advance.


So, no matter you want to buy 2 BHK in Wagle Estate or any other bhk in any other city or area; you must ensure that you keep all these points in mind.