What is the best cut for diamond engagement rings? Why

We all know that diamonds last forever! And we bet talking about diamonds, you’ll only visualize a scintillating, well-cut round shape! Isn’t it? But trust us, there is a variety in store showcased. At least half a dozen other cuts available will blow your mind, making it difficult for the poor guy to plan that magical proposal. The guy would only be wandering in the store thinking which cut to pick! 

Well, this post might help you to settle for something but not basic, we bet! 

When you are down in the market shopping for the engagement ring, let us tell you a secret. When you see it, you know it’s what you would want. Yes, trust us! It might sound all Bollywood but you don’t choose the ring, the ring picks you up! 

Moving on, let’s learn about different cuts that are available when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Choose a cut that will suit your personal style and taste in terms of aesthetics and exquisiteness. If you're inclined towards a minimal vibe you’ll be attracted towards the timeless round cut, and if offbeat is what you crave for then here are a host of fancy shapes to choose from! 

When it comes to celebrities flaunting their rings, the mantra is nothing but “Go big or go home.” Have you seen their big diamond rings! They are so giant! But you don’t have to choose big always, drive through the below-mentioned unique cuts a diamond engagement ring can hold. 


Unique cuts a diamond engagement ring


  • The Round Cut: 



The round brilliant cut is the most popular shape and commonly loved by everyone. The most popular and evergreen ring diamond shape, round-cut diamonds are cut to have 58 facets. It also has a classic appearance that effortlessly makes a proposal ring an absolute eye-catcher to which every girl swoon over. 


  • The Princess cut:

The princess's cut diamond engagement ring is absolutely stunner and breathtaking. Traditionally squares but sometimes rectangles, princess-cut diamonds always have four pointed corners. It exceptionally stands out just like its name for its square shape! A surprise proposal with this one in the box will surely leave your beau awestruck!


  • An Oval cut:



An oval-cut diamond ring is a stunning blend of classic with a modern twist. The length of these rounded diamonds is greater than the width. The Oval diamond engagement ring has a versatile style, a proposal ring that can easily match with other jewelry. Additionally, it beautifully accentuates the long, slender fingers of the bride-to-be, making it a win-win shape!


  • A marquise-cut diamond ring:



A marquise-cut diamond engagement ring ought to be the most unique one. This shape resembles an oval but has pointed ends. It resembles a woman's slightly parted lips when turned on its side. In case your beau prefers anything out-of-the-box then you might consider picking a visually appealing proposal ring to pop that question! And to make it easy, we’d highly recommend this one to express your love and care. 


  • A pear cut:



A pear cut is designed for the perfect romance and it is no doubt a sheer beauty. This ring has a gentle and delicate look to it that we adore! This "teardrop form" has our hearts and can make us weak in the knees in a matter of seconds. One end is pointed, while the other is rounded.


  • A cushion cut:



A cushion-cut diamond ring will elevate your dream proposal a notch higher. A cushion cut is also called “pillow-cut” diamonds, these are squares or rectangles with rounded corners that are perfect for daily wear jewellery. It has an old-world charm that is worthy of all the attention! It has no sharp edges and this cut eliminates the fear of chips and cracks. 


  • The Emerald Cut:



The Emerald cut is indeed a ‘show-stopper’. These are rectangles with a wide, flat top and step cuts on the sides. This cut is loved so much by the celebs! This versatile shape is suitable for any aesthetic and is an ideal pick if you’re looking for a big stone within the budget. 


  • An Asscher cut:



Asscher cut is different from the emerald cut because it looks similar in style however they are unlike the other! These diamonds are squares and are shaped similarly to emerald-cut diamonds. Your heart will be set on an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring due to its vintage appeal with a mysterious cut and guess what, they are really hard to find too! An asscher cut is an expensive-rarely found ring. 


  • Heart cut diamond ring:



Make her fall in love with a heart-cut diamond ring. This romantic form is the ideal love symbol. We are drooling over the heart-shaped ring! OMG! It looks so attractive and the fanciest shape we laid our eyes on. It gives a style statement of a chick-flick. 


Last Words:


You know what they say when you like something put a ring on it. Choosing an engagement ring is one thing and choosing a cut is another with a plethora of cuts available. Well, pick your ring that best suits your taste and style. With this, we have given all the information about unique diamond cuts that are available. You can buy diamond jewellery online. 


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